So you’re thinking about making a career out of providing play therapy services? See if this is a good fit for you below!

You might want to build a play therapy career if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You are in touch with your inner child and you understand children. If you are someone who never lost touch with the little child part of yourself that delights in life, feels curious, is eager to learn and relates to small children, you might  want a play therapy career.
  2. You are naturally empathic and have a drive to be of service.  The work we do as play therapists requires a commitment to being present for children in the moment AND working closely with their parents and family. You must feel driven to do this work and have a passion for it. If you do, you’re in the right field.
  3. You get excited when you find miniatures and find them everywhere you go. As a play therapist you will invariably want to get trained in sand tray therapy and once you are trained you’ll be hooked on finding miniatures that can be added to your collection for the sand tray.
  4. You understand that making messes is required for growth and healing. If you get that making messes and cleaning them up is part of the game of life, and healing work, the field of play therapy is definitely for you. If you need to have your work space always neat and tidy, you might want to move on to a different kind of work.
  5. You love to read, train and constantly seek to learn. The field of play therapy is always growing and changing, New research is coming out all the time. You’ll need to feel fine with continuing education and actually yearn to learn.
  6. You understand dealing with the parents effectively is a crucial part of the gig. You can not do play therapy in a vacuum. You have to be okay with communicating carefully and consciously with parents of your child clients as part of the play therapy treatment planning and implementation.
  7. You want a busy private practice. There are so many children who need to be seen and so many parents willing to pay to have their children treated you should easily have a thriving private practice providing play therapy. But there are some things you need to learn. Here is some of what it takes to have a successful play therapy private practice.
  8. You have a passion for helping children and families. You simply must feel the burn to see children and families heal and grow to have success in a play therapy career. It takes energy, drive, commitment to do this work!

Training in play therapy is essential! When I was working toward my registered play therapist credential (RPT) I had to travel all over the country to get my training because play therapy trainings were not so easy to find. Today there are so many ways and places to obtain quality play therapy training. I have a few more live trainings online in 2019 which will count toward your required contact hours of training. I also have a large collection of recorded trainings which will count toward the 50 hours of non-contact training you can have. 

I  provide supervision and consultation as well as mentoring therapists all over the world who want to build a play therapy career. I would love to speak with you briefly to see how I can best help you!  Contact me! – Lynn Louise Wonders, LPC, RPT-S, CPCS