When Parents are at War: A Child Therapist’s Guide To Navigating High Conflict Divorce & Custody Cases

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When Parents Are at War: A Child Therapist’s Guide To Navigating High Conflict Divorce & Custody Cases is Now Available on Amazon!

All psychotherapists who work with children and families will come across cases with the parents divorcing or previously divorced experiencing high levels of conflict. These cases can be extremely complex and there can be potential hazards mental health professionals need to be aware of and prepared for. This book, written by Lynn Louise Wonders, is a practical guide providing actionable measures mental health professionals can take to properly screen potential cases, establish and observe essential policies and protocols and observe important boundaries in order to preserve the integrity of the child’s therapy and maintain healthy therapeutic relationships with the parents who are at war with one another without being pulled into the middle of the parental conflict. This guidebook also provides specific recommendations with regard to ensuring the self-care is in place for the psychotherapists when working with these kinds of cases that can cause mental and emotional depletion. 

This is such an important topic and a helpful book for anyone working with children and families. Often, clinicians are reluctant to work with families that might be involved in a custody battle; however, Lynn Louise Wonders provides practical tips about how to protect yourself as a clinician while also serving the best interests of the child. If you are working with children, then you are going to need these tools at some point! You will feel much more prepared if you have this book before you get called into a course situation.

Amazon Customer

This book provides a great review or introduction to working with high conflict divorce cases and includes the importance of practicing self-care for clinicians. A quick accessible read.

I definitely recommend for therapists who work with these cases or are interested in working with these cases.

Ked Waterman

A practical and informative book, written clearly and succinctly by a highly ethical and compassionate veteran of the high-conflict divorce “wars”. Lynn Louise Wonders presents common misconceptions and pitfalls mental health professionals will face when working with families; and assists mental health professionals in thoughtfully navigating and managing challenging situations in the best interests of both child, family and clinician.

Rosalind Heiko, Ph.D.