Want to Grow a Play Therapy Private Practice?

So, you want to grow

a play therapy private practice? 

But you’re not sure where to start.

You may feel overwhelmed.

Uncertain of what it takes to be successful.

You have spent so many years …

and lots of money…

on play therapy training!

But you were never taught the skills

needed to have success in the business

of private practice.  

You’re passionate

about play therapy!

You want to make a meaningful impact

in your community!

You truly want to be of service helping children & families.

You’d also like to have a higher level of income.

You want a sense of freedom and prosperity

in your life and career!

Welcome to 

The Play Therapy

Practice Building Academy!

We are  Lynn Louise Wonders and Jen Taylor

and we are here to share with you

all we know about

How to grow a


play therapy private practice.

We both have had many years of success

building and sustaining play therapy practice.

And now, we want to help you do the same. 

Let us help you fill your practice

with clients you LOVE

and live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

The Play Therapy Practice Building Academy is a business course (not a clinical continuing education course!) teaching you how to start, grow or up-level your private practice that markets specifically for play therapy clients.

This business course is self-paced!

All content is pre-recorded with actionable assignments

and a LIVE community.

You go at your own pace!

In the Play Therapy Practice Building Academy, clinicians at any stage of their private practice benefit from exercises that help take you from Point A (where you are now) to Point B (where you would ideally like to be) and everything in between!

This is everything you wished you learned in grad school about the business side of a mental health professional career.

From the nuts and bolts of developing your forms and websites to the blocks that are keeping you from being even more successful, this course is filled with mentorship and guidance from two successful play therapy practitioners, Lynn Louise Wonders, LPC, RPT-S, CPCS and Jen Taylor, LCSW, RPT-S and other successful experts.

This course gives you access to all of the information to

learn at your own pace! 

With a community of support!

You’ll have access to a thriving online community via a private group on Facebook where Lynn and Jen and your fellow practice builders will gather, discuss and exchange support and helpful information related to this course.

If private practice has been on your bucket list for a while,

this course will give you confidence to take the first leap.

OR. . .

If you already have a successful practice looking to expand,

this course will help pave the way for this growth.

Whatever your current state of business,

this course will help you take it to the next level.

**Please note this is NOT for continuing education credit! This is a business development course only though you can add on some play therapy continuing education training courses over on Jen’s site!

Each module is designed to build on the one before beginning with a powerful exercise the very first week to get you started.

This is what you get inside the Play Therapy Practice Building Academy:

Module 1: Point A To B – In this module you will learn a powerful assessment and envisioning process used by the most successful people in the world to take the first step in creating the life and career you most long for.

Module 2: Time & Energy Management –  Here you will be taught a proven method for how to organize and manage your tasks and time and ensure greater efficiency for a greater sense of accomplishment.

Module 3Money, Money, Money – In this module you will learn to evaluate and shore up your ideas and beliefs about money, examine your relationship with money in the past and increase your financial literacy including a special tutorial on how to organize your finances with our organization expert Liz Gray.

Module 4: Business Planning – Here you are going to learn a special method for creating an actionable plan for your business with a specific way to keep yourself accountable. Someone once said, “Failure to plan is a plan for failure.”  We set you up for success instead.

Module 5: Sales & Marketing – In this module we teach you how to “sell” your services in a way that does not feel “salesy” with specific marketing strategies that work. You’ll learn how to develop your “elevator speech”, how to effectively network and how to put yourself out there so you build a great referral source bank and draw your ideal clients to you.

Module 6: Website Design & Branding – We have a website and branding expert, Michelle Coe, who will teach you what you need to learn about why having a really good website is important and how to go about branding and marketing yourself online.

Module 7: Building & Marketing Your Niche – Another of our expert guest instructors, Jeanine Rousso teaches all about “niche marketing” in this module. You’ll get a chance to flesh out your own niche and learn how to leverage this to maximize your marketing efforts overall.

Module 8: Facing Fear – Let’s face it. Fear blocks us from moving forward even if forward is where we really want to go. Fear is an obstacle that must be overcome in order to realize success in your business. This module addresses specific strategies for working through the very normal but sometimes paralyzing fear of failure or even fear of success as well as fear of what other people will think and much more.

Module 9: Nuts & Bolts of Business –  In this module we tackle all the practical and logistical things you need to know such as electronic health records, organizing your files, how to create an LLC, ensuring HIPAA compliant email and much more.

Module 10: Creating a Self Care Plan – We know for a fact that if you don’t have a plan you’re going to neglect your self care because growing a private practice and nurturing your business can be all consuming. A big piece of having a successful private practice is having a committed, dedicated plan for self care and in this module we are going to walk you through why this is so vital and exactly how to be sure you make it happen.

Module 11: Integration, Celebration & Graduation – In the final module you will have a chance to reflect and reinforce all the good work you’ve done in the previous 10 modules as well as receive specific tips on how to ensure you continue to gain from this academy content ongoing.

Community of Support!  When you choose to enroll in the Play Therapy Practice Building Academy you will have opportunities to join a thriving group of other therapists who are also enrolled through a closed group on Facebook where everyone leans in to support one another, share ideas, and learn from each other.

What’s the tuition for this course?

While most courses like this average in the thousands of $$$ we understand you are likely on a budget as you build your practice. The value of this course is easily $2,000!

But we have decided to price this low enough so that ANYONE can easily afford this program. 

Your investment is only $307!

Want to get started?