Therapy Activities for Kids. Those four words were what I plugged into the search box when I was looking for free and low cost resources for my weekly resource newsletter for therapists that goes out to therapists all over the world. If you have been following me for a while, you know that while I have a number of professional passions, curating and creating play therapy and family therapy resources for therapists is top of my list. In addition to my own low fee learning enrichment trainingsand my books, I love sharing the great things other therapists are doing in the world with you as well!

I was scouring the internet search engines for great activities therapists can use with child clients as I do every week and I typed in the words therapy activities for kids. I came up with a website owned by Kim Lange, LCMHC who has devoted the last 20 years to providing therapeutic activities for child clients in her office and then the pandemic hit. Like a number of us, Kim rose to the occasion and quickly developed a new company called EMOTIONanigans (say it out loud… it’s a really cool non-word-word I personally love to repeat out loud because it’s fun). The focus of her website was to create and curate digital activities therapists could use immediately in their therapy for children and to build an online community for resource-sharing and connection (you can find her Facebook group here ). You’ll find loads of free resources in her group! Also sign up for her newsletter HERE. 

I had to meet Kim and see who this brilliant therapist is who jumped into the driver’s seat when we most needed it and developed resource connections for therapy activities for kids! And I’m delighted I did. I also have gotten to review her digital products she has created and now I have to tell you about them!

Each of these digital therapy activities for kids is professionally and creatively designed by Kim, a seasoned therapist herself who has a natural knack for making technology simple and useful. And each activity once you purchase will yield you multiple downloads with straightforward access and instruction. Check these out!

Here are 5 Digital Therapy Activities for Kids


Dinosaur Emotions: Emotional Awareness & Expression For Ages 4-10

This is a story-based activity that helps to normalize all emotions as kids follow a new dinosaur friend named Parks through all sorts of emotion experiences. It includes a variety of features including a
Digital Slideshow great for tele-health sessions OR in office!  There are TWO Printable Booklets, a 
Printable Client Workbook and a special Dinosaur Emotion Art Activity. And it’s ONLY $5!

CLICK HERE to explore Dinosaur Emotions and purchase your download.


Unicorn Emotions: Emotional Awareness & Expression for Ages 4-10

Similar to the first digital therapy activity for kids, in this activity children follow Kyan the Unicorn as explore various emotions. There are prompts in the digital story to help child clients to tell their own stories along with Kyan’s. There is a printable companion workbook where kids can draw or write their stories. You’ll find a Digital Slideshow, a Printable Booklet, a Printable Client Workbook and a Unicorn Emotion Chart Activity. Also, good for telehealth or in-person therapy and also ONLY $5!

CLICK HERE  to learn more and purchase Unicorn Emotions digital therapy activity for kids.


Stranger Thinks: Neutralize Negative Thinking for Ages 14+

Designed for adolescent clients, teens can complete challenges to learn and practice effective strategies for neutralizing negative thinking and escape the Upside Down in this Stranger Things tv series themed activity. This ROBUST digital activity includes 14 page Stranger Thinks PDF Activity, a 10 page Activity Guide, and 3 Post-Session Resources so your kid clients can continue to practice the tools at home.

CLICK HERE to learn more and purchase this digital kids activity for therapy with teens.

4. & 5.

The following digital activities are for ages 6-10 and 11+ and they are all about exploring and discovering emotions! Click on the images for each to learn more about these amazing digital products you can use in session with children and teens.