Therapist SpotlightAndrea Heston M.S., LMFT, RPT, has always had the passion to work with children. She decided to leave her former career as a restaurant manager to become a counselor. From the moment she began her graduate school program, she felt a pull toward play therapy and never looked back. As an LMFT, she is working with many families and uses play therapy which has become a great asset.

Currently, Andrea has a flourishing private practice in which she has provided a great service to her community for over 5 years. She recently received her RPT credentials and plans to pursue her RPT-S in the near future. When we discussed the challenges of running a private practice, Andrea said her greatest challenge has been balancing her time. She explained, “I see between 25 to 30 clients a week so sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the paperwork, emails, and phone calls,”. Andrea has recently hired someone to help with answering phones and returning calls- delegation at it’s finest!

We then discussed how her participation in my 90 day Mastermind and the Play Therapy Practice Building Academy, because I was curious to know how these programs may have helped her. She said, “The programs were both wonderful. The most important topics you helped me with were time management and relationship with money. I feel more confident in scheduling my time as well as valuing my time,”. Time management is indeed one of the top keys to having a successful private practice.

For The Love of Play Therapy

When I asked Andrea what she loved most about play therapy, she said, “I love giving children a safe place to be themselves so that they can work through whatever it is they need to work through. It’s such a privilege to have children allow me into their world,”.

Andrea has found so many joys and benefits in running a private practice. After working in a group practice, she knew that having total control of her space and practice was very important to her. She told me, “The greatest benefit is full autonomy… I love working for myself!”.

Having mentors and someone you can learn from is always a great asset in any field. When asked what advice she had for someone starting out in play therapy Andrea confirmed the importance of learning from those who have had success building a private practice.. She expressed gratitude for her friends and family that helped her and cheered her on since she began this journey. She also said, “Getting plenty of play therapy training is obviously an important part of the journey. But also learn how to market yourself, network with those in your community, have a good business plan in place, and supportive people in your corner,”.

For more information about Andrea Heston and her practice be sure to visit her website!