Therapist SpotlightThis week, I had the pleasure to speak with Missy Riddles, LPC, in our Therapist Spotlight. Missy was a classroom teacher before transitioning to a play therapist. She achieved her Licensed Professional Counselor license in August 2018. Then two and half months later, she opened the doors to her very own private practice. She explains, “Counseling is a second career for me. Therefore, one of my goals is to combine my previous career of classroom teaching with my play therapy career. I believe my experience as a classroom teacher helps me be more connected with children and teens, as well as the parents,”. She plans to have all of her RPT requirements complete by the end of 2019! How amazing is that?!”

I love learning about my fellow therapist’s and what makes them tick. So, let’s learn a little more about Missy! I asked Missy a few questions and this is what she shared with me. . .

What was it that motivated or inspired you to learn and practice play therapy?

“I enjoy having fun! So play therapy appealed to me because I believed it would allow me a way to demonstrate my playful personality even during challenging counseling topics.”


 What do you love most about using play therapy with children?

“I love how play therapy allows a child, teen, and even adult to relax and feel more comfortable during counseling. When play therapy interventions are used, the client doesn’t feel like ‘the spotlight’ is on them and they feel safe and more willing to openly share because play is more of a natural process.”


What has been the greatest challenge in developing your private practice?

“When it comes to helping others, I know I have the necessary skills and training. Most of my adult life, I have had an entrepreneurial drive and determination so the business side of owning a private practice doesn’t scare me. The greatest challenge for me in developing my private practice has been to stop trying to seek more information about running one. I have taken a significant amount of training for counseling as well as running a business. During the MasterMind, Lynn helped me realize I have enough knowledge to run a successful business and to trust the process.”


 What has been the greatest joy and benefit of having gone into private practice?

“The greatest joy of owning a private practice is seeing myself thrive in something that I have created and not working for someone else. I like to empower clients and this opportunity allows me to empower myself. The greatest benefit is the sense of accomplishment and the flexibility to have more time for my family and me.”


What was your greatest take-away from my 90 day Mastermind and
the Play Therapy Practice Building Academy?

“There were so many take-aways: Lynn’s wisdom, the relationships between members and more. The greatest take-away for me was time management. Time management is vital in every aspect of running a private practice and life. Lynn did a great job on presenting multiple ways for us to grasp the importance of time management and how to implement it, including scheduling time for myself.”


What advice would you give to someone just starting out
in play therapy and wanting to build a private practice?

“Find a play therapy mentor and take the Play Therapy Practice Building Academy. Trust the process and believe in yourself.”


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