by Lynn Louise Wonders

I, personally, have kept a journal since 7th grade. That’s 35 years of writing and I must say it’s been a tremendous source of comfort and assistance throughout my own life’s journey. Journaling has been so helpful to me personally that I bring this tool into my work with counseling and coaching clients.

I prescribe journaling for a host of reasons and benefits. Here are just a few:

  1. A daily journal is a way of tracking thoughts and behavior when trying to create new habits.
  2. Journaling provides a dumping ground for otherwise run-away thoughts and worries.
  3. Keeping a journal can be a source of personal accountability.
  4. Journaling is a means for processing ideas, dreams, concerns.
  5. Writing in a journal can promote creativity.
  6. Regular journaling can open the heart, mind and put you in touch with your inner world and intuitive senses.

Sometimes it can be hard to get started or know what to write.

I was, therefore, excited to see one of my colleagues has developed a one-year online e-course that provides 52 journaling prompts geared toward helping people create a more fulfilling life for themselves.

Nicole Liloia, LCSW is a licensed social worker, therapist and life coach with a specialty in helping people STRESS LESS and enjoy life more. Her new course called The Live More E-Course and it delivers 4 wonderful video tutorials plus weekly journaling prompts for an entire year – all focused on helping you to create a much more fulfilling life.

I find that when journaling becomes a regular habit, a more joyful and juicer life can be cultivated. Journaling is like a good friend, a faithful companion, a mirror, a trainer and an accountability partner all in one.

You can use old-fashioned pen-n-paper or you can sign up for a free account at If  you are concerned about privacy, Penzu has a one year fee to have your journal safely encrypted so no one but you can access it.

You need not be a writer to keep a journal. In fact, I advise clients to let go of any concerns about grammar and proper writing style. Journaling is a place for you to spill your feelings, thoughts, ideas, dreams, anxieties in whatever format feels right for you in the moment sans judgment and editorial.

Go check out Nicole’s e-course and commit to a year of journaling for a clearer mind, a lighter heart and a more focused outlook.