Many great masters throughout the world encourage and assist their students in cultivating the ability to be in the present moment, to observe without judgment, to watch and be alert without reaction. I have been fortunate to study with some truly great masters over the past 20 years and one day when I was sitting with my own students I heard myself explaing this concept to them Using the term “Gentle Observer.” I heard myself say, “We want to cultivate this aspect of Self that will be very alert, completely attuned, observing what we are feeling, hearing, seeing, experiencing without the harsh and judgmental thoughts that normally accompany the observations. We want to cultivate ‘The Gentle Observer.'”

And so even as I was assisting my students, I took away a notion that has stuck with me. In my work as a therapist, in my relationships with others, in all my very human experiences, I am constantly attempting to continue cultivating and refining this “Gentle Observer.” I thought it time to begin writing about some of my observations in an attempt to be of further assistance to others as they find their way along their own path of self and life discovery.

Om Shanti,

Lynn Louise