creative processI had the honor of getting to know Tammi Van Hollander in 2018 and 2019 and I have followed her work in the world of Child Therapy and Play Therapy very closely. I was thrilled to get to speak with her recently about her experience with the creative process of books and products and how she brought forward her book called Casey’s Greatness Wings and the products that compliment that book. In preparation for the 2022 Children’s Book-Writing Workshop Circle I will be leading I wanted to share some extra inspiration with Tammi’s passion and enthusiasm. Watch the video below and then scroll down for access to all of her beautiful products and for more information about receiving mentoring, coaching, inspirational support from ME in 2022 to help you bring your creative process to life.

The Creative Process of Books and Products . . .Resources and Access

As Tammi shares in the above video, the creative process of books and products is one that is supported and enhanced by having someone mentor you. It also requires authentic passion about the topic, idea, concept you want to bring forward into the world AND it helps to be plugged into community so below is a list of resources I want you to have to inspire you and help you and your creative process. (Some of the links below are affiliate partner links).

  • The Children’s Book-Writing Workshop Circle for 2022 led by yours truly, Lynn Louise Wonders, will begin January 5. You can read all about it and get all the details RIGHT HERE. 
  • Leave a Legacy! Create and Publish a Children’s Book is a recorded course of my formerly live presentation AND a demo video of me walking through the process of self publishing on Amazon RIGHT HERE.
  • Mentoring, supervision and consultation with Tammi Van Hollander RIGHT HERE
  • Mentoring supervision and consultation with Lynn Louise Wonders RIGHT HERE
  • Tammi’s book Casey’s Greatness Wings RIGHT HERE
  • Tammi’s Greatness Cards RIGHT HERE
  • Tammi’s Greatness Sticks RIGHT HERE
  • Dr. Janet Courtney’s Kinesthetic Storytelling and FirstPlay training and consultation RIGHT HERE