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I was thrilled to recently host Rachel Altvater, Psy.D., RPT-S who presented a one hour class called Speaking the iGeneration’s Language: Technological Tools in Therapeutic Treatment  as part of the 2020 Play Therapy Mini Master Series.

Children and teens have been born into an age that is centered around technology. It makes sense that child therapists want to be well prepared to speak their language, understand their perspective and utilize technology in ways that enhance their healing and growth in the therapeutic process.

This class focuses on an overview of how technology impacts children and adolescents and influences their participation in therapy. In this one hour class Dr. Altvater introduces some technologically playful interventions based on theoretical framework and client problem behavior. She also took a brief look at current standards and ethics of using technology in play therapy practice.

Dr. Rachel Altvater is a Licensed Psychologist in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia She is a Registered Play Therapist–Supervisor, and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She is the owner of Creative Psychological Health Services as well as an affiliate faculty member at Loyola University Maryland.  She is the president of the Maryland/DC Association for Play Therapy.

Dr. Altvater published two articles in the International Journal of Play Therapy on her research of technology use in play therapy and is a contributing author in ground-breaking book edited by Dr. Jessica Stone: Integrating Technology in Modern Therapies: A Clinician’s Guide to Developments and Interventions.and Digital Play Therapy: A Clinician’s Guide to Comfort and Competence, and Cultural Issues in Play Therapy (in press). Dr. Altvater is the recipient of the 2019 Emerging Leader Service Award from the Association for Play Therapy, the 2018 Outstanding Play Therapy Research Award from the Maryland/DC Association for Play Therapy, and the 2018 Distinguished Alumna of the Year from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Washington, D.C. Campus.

My own experience of Dr. Altvater is that she is has a wonderful balance of warmth, approachability, a huge heart and an incredibly well-informed and motivated drive to help therapists open to how they can include technology in the play therapy experience effectively. I am thrilled that she has agreed to participate in the 2020 Play Therapy Mini Master Class Series. 

Dr. Altvater provides continuing education training, supervision and case consultation. You can learn more about her work and reach her directly through her website. 

Why sign up for this class called Speaking the iGeneration’s Language: Technological Tools in Therapeutic Treatment?

Children, adolescents, and their play habits have transformed over the past several decades, largely due to a broad-based sociocultural shift towards technology. Additionally, the coronavirus pandemic forced thousands of therapists to rapidly adjust their practice overnight. Tele-therapy became a universal therapeutic go-to as a way to maintain a supportive and healing therapeutic space during an unprecedented time. It is imperative that child and adolescent therapists understand how these changes impact their clients’ lives and therapeutic treatment in order to provide ethically and clinically sound treatment.

Come learn how to speak the iGeneration’s language and learn some playful tools for therapeutic treatment!

You can sign up for this recorded class with Dr. Rachel Altvater and find out more about the 2020 Mini Master Series HERE