seminal and historical theories in play therapySeminal & Historical Theories in Play Therapy

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This 2 hour previously recorded online training webinar provides opportunity for therapists to receive in-depth overview of the 8 seminal  and historically significant theories enumerated by the Association for Play Therapy in addition to the very important theoretical orientation of family systems theory. This training will also teach the therapeutic powers of play and the concept of prescriptive play therapy as an approach to helping children and families.

2 hours of seminal  and historical theory training

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this training participants will be prepared to. . .

  1. List the 8 theoretical orientations for play therapy described in this presentation.
  2. Describe briefly the basis for each theory.
  3. Name 1 significant benefit for each of the theoretical orientations discussed in this presentation.
  4. List the therapeutic powers of play.
  5. Define the approach of prescriptive play therapy and name the reason for using this approach.

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