SEAL Module 8 Final Exam & Practicum

Module 8: 

Final Exam & Practicum


You have completed the training modules for S.E.A.L. and now it’s time to demonstrate your learned skills through practicum and final exam.



You will need to obtain release from legal guardians/parents of a small group of children using this form

With a small group of children between ages 3-5  (no therapy clients! this should be neighbors, family members, friends’ children or a preschool group) you will video tape implementation of one of the 12 lessons from the In-Class Lessons. After you video tape the session, you will need to upload the video file to either Dropbox or GoogleDrive and send me the link via email to

After you have sent your video to me you will need to complete your final exam here and be sure to click submit.

You will need to have all module written assignments completed prior to submitting your practicum video and your final exam. 

After you have completed all requirements and your video and final exam are reviewed you will receive your certificate and follow up information.