S.E.A.L. Social Emotional Awareness Literacy for Preschoolers

social emotional awareness for preschoolers


Social Emotional Awareness Literacy

for Preschoolers™

Certification Training for

 Mental Health Professionals

to Provide Social & Emotional Learning for

Preschoolers, Teachers and Parents

A comprehensive professional training program that includes training video presentations, weekly live Q&A Support broadcasts in a private Facebook group, reading materials, written assignments, a curriculum manual, a recommended supply kit, business training on how to market the program to preschools and more… This will take your career to the next level.

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Social Emotional Awareness Literacy for Preschoolers

Originally developed by Lynn Louise Wonders in 2003  and implemented in multiple preschool settings between 2003 – 2007 under a different name, S.E.A.L. Social Emotional Awareness Literacy for Preschoolers is an early learning program for young children implemented in preschool settings by mental health professionals to assist children, teachers and parents in increasing awareness and skills for identifying, expressing and managing emotions while developing effective respectful assertiveness and communication skills.

Observations were collected and studied from 2003 – 2007 by Lynn Louise Wonders and what was seen was that when young children learn skills for awareness and adaptive expression, communication and self soothing, the degree of aggression and other problematic behavioral markers in the preschool settings and at home were reported to reduce with teachers and parents reporting remarkable improvement.

Mental health professionals who have a masters or doctoral degree with training and experience in early childhood development are eligible to train and be certified in being a Provider of S.E.A.L. Social Emotional Awareness Literacy for Preschoolers in preschool settings.

Being a certified S.E.A.L. Social Emotional Awareness Literacy for Preschoolers provider prepares counselors and child therapists in private practice to introduce the program to local preschools and early childhood development centers during the morning week-day hours when typically most child therapists are not seeing clients at their offices.

S.E.A.L. Social Emotional Awareness Literacy program for preschoolers offers preschools an opportunity to have a licensed mental health professional implement 12 weekly in-class lessons, 2 teacher trainings and 2 parent trainings so that the curriculum can live on beyond the 12 weeks the mental health professional provides the training on site. Each preschool will compensate you to train the children, teachers and parents and they will also pay a nominal license fee for including the program as part of what they offer their students, teachers and families after you have completed your 12 week training with the school.

The training I am providing to certify mental health professionals to be a provider will be offered as a certification training via an online learning format. You will complete the following in order to become a certified provider:

  • 8 self-paced certification training modules for mental health professionals will include recorded training presentation video, additional assigned reading literature and your completion of an assigned written essay to be completed and turned in for each modular topic.
    • Module 1: The Preschool Years: Understanding the developmental consideration of children ages 3-5 and why early social emotional awareness literacy is so vital at this stage of development.
    • Module 2:  Theory & Application of Emotional Intelligence as it Relates to Preschoolers, their Parents and their Teachers — We will be learning the basis of social intelligence, emotional intelligence and what the literature tells us.
    • Module 3: Introducing the Classroom Curriculum & Supply Kit — In this module we will be examining in detail what you will be implementing and the practicalities of how to apply the curriculum in the preschool setting. We will review the recommended items and supplies you will need to obtain in order to implement the various classroom lessons.
    • Module 4: The Teacher Training Component  — This module will guide you through the curriculum you can offer to train preschool teachers in supporting the application of S.E.A.L Social Emotional Awareness Literacy. This part of your training will allow you flexibility to provide this component as part of the entirety of S.E.A.L Social Emotional Awareness Literacy program or as a stand-alone training program you can be paid to present.
    • Module 5: The Parent Training Component module will provide you training on how to train parents on ways to utilize and support the tenets of S.E.A.L. Social Emotional Awareness Literacy at home.
    • Module 6:  Selling the Program to Preschools — This module will teach you how to approach preschool owners and directors and how to “sell” them on the idea of bringing you and S.E.A.L. Social Emotional Awareness Literacy program into their preschool including options for creative ways to finance the program.
    • Module 7: Methods for Contracting and Implementing — After you “sell” the program to preschools you’ll want to sign, “SEAL” and deliver! In order to do so you will need to have contract options prepared and logistics for setting up your program in the school.
    • Module 8: Practicum and Final Exam — You will offer one of the 10 minute lessons from the curriculum to one or more preschool age children with written permission from the children’s legal guardians to video record the session and submit along with your Final Exam which will consist of 20 multiple choice questions and one short essay question. Videos and exam will be reviewed by Lynn Louise Wonders and/or her staff trained and certified in S.E.A.L. Social Emotional Awareness Literacy for Preschoolers and you’ll be notified of results within 2 weeks of your submission.

FAQ Answered By Lynn Here:

Is there a set time for beginning and finishing this program? You will have as long as 1 year to complete the program but you might finish it in as few weeks as 12 if you plan to complete the program with plenty of time allotted. This is a pre-recorded, “evergreen” program so you can access it on your own. I am limiting access to one year, however, so that participants will be motivated to schedule the time needed to complete the certification.

Does this offer continuing education credit? Great question! This training is to enhance your business and is not a clinical skills training. So no we are not at this time able to offer CE credits as this certification training is to provide you proficiency in implementing a psycho-educational curriculum not a therapeutic intervention.  You can provide this service to preschools to expand your private practice services into preschool settings, to build your business, your professional network and your position as an a proficient expert in the community. While much of the material you will be learning is based in child development and social and emotional intelligence theory, this service you will be learning how to provide is not a clinical service. It’s a psycho-educational curriculum uniquely delivered to preschools, preschool teachers and parents by licensed mental health professionals.

Why is being certified relevant or valuable? Becoming a certified provider of S.E.A.L. Social Emotional Awareness Literacy Program for Preschoolers means you have been through a rigorous and specialized training and have completed and been graded on quality of assignments demonstrating your knowledge and preparedness to implement this unique program in preschool settings. There will be no skimming through this program. Only those who are seriously committed to learning and completing this program will be eligible to be a certified provider. This certification provides credibility and assures the prospective preschool directors and owners that you are affiliated with a proven program and are well prepared to implement.

Is S.E.A.L. Social Emotional Awareness Literacy for Preschoolers protected by trademark? Yes, this program title and logo has been filed with the United States Patent & Trademark office to be registered as a trademark. It and its content is the intellectual property of Lynn Louise Wonders. As a certified provider you will be permitted to utilize the program title and logo in your marketing. When you contract with a preschool the preschool will need to also pay a small licensing fee and sign a licensing agreement with Lynn Louise Wonders in addition to paying you directly for your services.

Is it possible to have live (online or in person) training or support while working through the program? Yes! There will be a live Facebook group where you can ask questions, interact with Lynn and other participants as much as you like. Lynn will occasionally offer some live video broadcasts in the group. If you want additional and more personal consultation you can certainly sign up for private distance sessions with Lynn at additional fee. In the future Lynn hopes to create an in person conference for certified providers and those going through training to attend for support on business development and some CE training hours.

What is the cost? 

  • Tuition Fee: $395
  • Cost of your Supply Kit (includes your purchase of books, supplies, puppets, other items needed) The cost will range as It  largely depends on which supplies you may already have and which you will need to acquire. I will recommend a list of products that go along with the curriculum but if budget is an issue I will provide some DIY alternatives for many of the curriculum implementations.

Refund Policy: Due to the proprietary and digital delivery/access of the content we can not provide refunds once a purchase is made. If you have any concern with regard to the quality of the content you can certainly reach out directly to discuss this by emailing lynn@wonderscounseling.com

How do I sign up? Fill out the Application Below! You’ll be asked to go ahead and pay your tuition fee. If for any reason upon review of your application it appears you do not meet the qualification requirements, you’ll be notified and refunded the tuition fee.

I look forward to supporting you on become a certified provider of S.E.A.L. Social Emotional Awareness Literacy Program for Preschoolers!

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