Relationship Skills Training & Consultation

relationship skills training & consultation

Some individuals and couples are not in need of psychotherapy services but wish to enrich the quality of their relationships by learning skills for improved communication and connection.

My relationship skills training and consultation services are not psychotherapy or counseling services and  if during the course of our relationship skills and consultation work I determined psychotherapy is needed, I will make referrals to other licensed mental health provider.

What differentiates relationship skills training & consultation from psychotherapy services?

  • Psychotherapy often includes skills training but usually involves deeper healing work with regard to personal and family history and support in developing emotional awareness and regulation.
  • Psychotherapy includes a formal “treatment plan” with case conceptualization and is longer in duration whereas relationship skills training & consultation is an educational service,  is shorter term and focused on teaching skills and supporting the learning process and practice of skills.
  • Relationship skills training & consultation can not be paid for by insurance. There will be no super bill available as there are no insurance codes for this service.
  • Relationship Skills & Consultation is for adults who are either not in need of psychotherapy services or who are already engaged in psychotherapy with another professional mental health provider.

What will I learn with relationship skills training & consultation?

I have trained a variety of modalities over my career of providing professional counseling services for couples, parents and families and have created a curated collection of specific skills to aid in the improvement of the quality of your relationship communications and connections. I am trained in the Gottman method, Imago, Adlerian Couples Therapy, Non-Violent Communication and I am a Certified Pure Presence Practitioner.

You will learn how to:

  • Communicate in a way that helps you to be better heard and understood.
  • Communicate in a way that does not blame or criticize.
  • Identify and express what you are longing for and needing.
  • Listen to what is being shared with you without jumping ahead, defending or dismissing what you are hearing.
  • Listen for content without judgment.
  • Experience more meaningful connection with self and other.
  • Navigate difficult and challenging topics sensitively and effectively.
  • Repair and reconnect after a regrettable or challenging conversation or fight.

Fees and Policies:

  • All relationship skills training & consultation sessions will be 90 minutes.
  • Cancellation or request to reschedule must occur 24 hours in advance of scheduled appointment time or the full fee amount will be charged as scheduling an appointment with me is a contract for the time I take to prepare for your sessions and the time spent in session allotted for that typically can not be filled with such short notice.
  • The fee for a session is $250. You will receive an invoice through IvyPay – a secure payment app.
  • I honor confidentiality of all clients whether counseling or skills training & consultation clients.
  • I will refer you to a licensed mental health professional if it becomes apparent psychotherapy is appropriate and you will need to enroll in and attend psychotherapy with another professional if we are to continue with further skills training & consultation if this is the case.
  • There will be no clinical record maintained as these are not clinical psychotherapy services being provided.
  • You will need to sign an agreement and consent for services that includes an agreement that you nor your representative will not subpoena me to court and other policies related and explained in your contract for services.


If you are interested in Relationship Skills Training & Consultation services and would like to chat about whether this is an appropriate fit for you and your partner, please feel free to email me at or call me at 404-455-5805