I went to a website and the text was all jumbled onto the right side of the screen, illegible. My techno-savvy son heard me ask out loud what was going on. He said, “Just hit the refresh button.” I did and magically the website re-loaded with aligned, perfectly legible text! He said, “Yeah, sometimes you just have to click that refresh button when stuff like that happens.” He was talking about the computer of course.

Yesterday I saw 7 therapy clients with only one short break and tomorrow I see 8 clients with just a brief pause for a bite to eat somewhere in the middle. Today, my calendar affords me a stretch of hours before I go into the office so I figure it’s time to hit the refresh button.

I realize that I actually have to click that button several times per day in my life with a full, deep breath and a brief closing of my eyes consciously bringing all my mind’s divergent thoughts into one point of focus – this current moment. Then I notice those stray thoughts trying to wiggle away from right now and wander back into last week or ahead into three months from now. With another breath, I gather up all the strays and all thoughts come into one convergent point. It happens fairly quickly and voila! I am refreshed and ready to go.

I am noticing that the more regularly I practice this, the more automatic it is becoming. The really exciting part of all of this is that I have been noticing a persistent hum of joy, calm, humor and capacity for acceptance within me in response to what used to rattle me to the core.

If only I’d known it was this easy to break out of the stress cycle years ago… Ah well, here I am now – refreshed and ready to go….

Om Shanti,

Lynn Louise