This is a very short list of some of my recommended books about treating anxiety disorders. OCD, Trichotillomania, Selective Mutism and Separation Anxiety Disorder are some of the tough anxiety disorders I have treated over the past 20 years. In my consultations with therapists who come for case review and support, I often recommend these books among others. The resources we look to for treating our clients evolves over time. Have a look at this list to see if you find something that will help your clients.

books for treating anxiety disorders

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5 Recommended Books

AboutTreating Anxiety Disorders

1. OCD

The Overcoming OCD Workbook: A Complete Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Workbook for Adults, Teens, and Children To Treating Compulsions and Interfering Thoughts 

Author Caleb Walker has created this guidebook that includes exercises for clients of all ages to address OCD effectively. It’s simple, straightforward. SEE MORE ABOUT IT HERE.

2. Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania: An ACT-enhanced Behavior Therapy Approach Workbook (Treatments That Work)

I have a number of books I utilize in treating clients with trichotillomania. This one is best for working with teens and adults. For using play therapy with children who have trichotillomania see this resource article. This book is one I like because it utilized Acceptance and Commitment Therapy along with behavioral interventions. HAVE A CLOSER LOOK HERE.

3. Anxiety Coping Skills For Kids

Coping Skills for Kids Workbook:

Over 75 Coping Strategies to Help Kids Deal with Stress, Anxiety and Anger

The Coping Skills for Kids Workbook is among this short list of recommended books about treating anxiety disorders because it’s practical and will help your child clients suffering with anxiety disorders learn how to self-soothe and process anxiety. Author Janine Halloran, LMHC, provides over 75 fun and engaging activities. LEARN MORE HERE

4. Separation Anxiety

What to Do When You Don’t Want to Be Apart: A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Separation Anxiety

This is one of the recommended books for treating anxiety disorders because this book guides children and their parents in addressing separation anxiety using imaginative strategies and techniques rooted in cognitive-behavioral principles. It’s an interactive self-help book for empowering children to overcome separation anxiety. Includes an Introduction to Parents and Caregivers. CHECK THIS ONE OUT HERE

5. Selective Mutism

Prescriptive Play Therapy: Tailoring Interventions for Specific Childhood Problems

This book has many wonderfully helpful chapters written by a collection of great clinicians who work with children and families. I happen to have been the author of the chapter on treating selective mutism in this book and I’m very proud of it because I am one of the only trainers and authors who goes beyond behavioral techniques and I incorporate a combination of theories all based in the research. LOOK MORE CLOSELY HERE.

There are more and more recommended books about treating anxiety disorders for children, teens and adults but these are just a few you may find helpful in your treatment planning process. Here you will find Resources for Parents of Children with Anxiety.