Professional Development

I provide a variety of professional development services for therapists including continuing education, supervision education, business building, mentoring, consultation and coaching as well as writing and editing support for your blog and website copy. Below are the various services I provide to therapists for professional development.

Continuing Education Workshops for Therapists 

As an Association for Play Therapy Approved Provider (APT Approved Provider #12-321) of play therapy continuing education, my distance live and recorded workshops are available for therapists working toward or renewing their Registered Play Therapist (RPT) credential. Occasionally I still offer live face to face CE workshops throughout the Atlanta area and soon in other locations throughout the USA. Click HERE to learn more. 


Play Therapy Supervision CE Training Workshops

As an APT Approved Provider I also offer distance training on the subject of play therapy supervision, focusing on two developmental models of supervision and providing workshops that cover all of the areas APT wants supervisors to be trained in to qualify for the credential of Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor (RPT-S) I have a collection of recorded workshops and will be offering further training in the future live and in person. Click HERE to learn more.


Career Navigation Coaching Program for Therapists

Many therapists benefit from 1:1 coaching to navigate the twists and turns of their career journey. I have a special program for therapists who want a career and business coach who has a track record of success in private practice as a therapist. Click HERE to learn more. 



90 Day Mentoring MasterMind Group

Twice every year, I run a MasterMind Group for therapists who want to hunker down, dig in and receive intensive training and support on building and expanding their ideal private practice.  Past participants rave about how transformational their experience was in this MasterMind experience with me and the other members. Click HERE to learn more. 



mentoring for therapists

1:1 Monthly Mentoring Membership

You are a therapist in private practice, building and growing your career.  When you know you need ongoing mentoring and private practice coaching. . .
When you know you do best with set and scheduled accountability plans in place. . .Click HERE to learn more.


Blogging Support Services

Before blogging existed, there were newsletters and I wrote articles as a
“ghost-writer” for numerous corporate organizations and small
businesses.  Having a solid blog and knowing how to
leverage that blog to bring in business and establish yourself as an
expert in your field is very important.  I also have learned a thing or two about SEO (Search Engine
Optimization). Most professionals in the healing and personal support
industries don’t have the time, the inclination or the know-how to
create and maintain a blog for business.  This is where I come in.
 Click HERE to learn more.