Private Practice Business Building Workshops

The Magic of Marketing Your Play Therapy Practice

This 1 hour mini-workshop walks you through all the specific ins and outs of marketing and networking your play therapy practice. You also receive free membership to a Facebook support group specific to this topic. $11

Growing Your Play Therapy Practice

A Free 15 Minute Presentation

This is a free 15 minute presentation packed with helpful info and resources to help you get your check list set up for starting up your play therapy private practice.

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Authentic & Effective Marketing in Mental Health

This is a mini marketing class for mental health professionals who do not want to come across as “salesy” or use slick marketing methods but do want to have a rich referral resource base and have plenty of ideal clients, and/or successful other services, programs and products. $19

Play Therapy Practice Building Academy

Soup to Nuts Private Practice Training featuring expert instructors covering all you need to know to create a play therapy based private practice that will THRIVE! Learn everything you need to know that is not taught in graduate school. $197

Money Matters - A Workshop for Therapists

This 2 hour recorded workshop will walk you through a detailed examination and process of shifting, lifting and expanding your consciousness around your relationship with money and growing your financial literacy. Mind-set is CRUCIAL to having a successful business in private practice and the topic of money is not often talked about in therapists’ circles. But money matters. $19

The Business of Play Therapy

This 2 hour private practice workshop walks you through the mind-set required including specific exercises on mental focus as well as lots of practical resources and support for what you need to attend to in order to start up your private practice. $19