Private Consultation Sessions

I offer three kinds of private consultation for counselors, social workers, and other mental health professionals. I have time slots for

Here’s what a few people have said about working with me…

“Lynn has been a great mentor to me helping guide me and sharing her expertise. She is one of the most genuine and kindest people I know. She goes the extra mile to help. She is the epitome of helping others and selflessness.” – J. E., Alabama

“Every time I have a private consultation with Lynn I am AMAZED by the rich amount of information with which I come away. She is a wealth of knowledge BUT she is very transparent and quick to let me know when a question is outside of her scope and she provides resources for me to go to. I highly recommend contacting Lynn for private consultation.” – L. T., Georgia

“Lynn has helped me develop a self care plan to keep me on track because I was starting to burn out. She demonstrates sincere care and compassion. I’m grateful I found her.” – J. S., South Carolina

“I got roped into a high conflict divorce case and Lynn absolutely saved me from sinking. She is highly knowledgeable, cuts right to the chase but is kind and gentle with her guidance.” – T. B., California

“Snap! Lynn was able to zoom right in and nail exactly what was happening for a high conflict divorce case I had. She clearly has accumulated a very clear perspective and weath of knowledge. I have since consulted multiple times with Lynn on other cases because I know I can depend on her to show me clearly what I may not be seeing clearly on my own.” – J.W., Georgia

Here are three kinds of consultation I offer:

Case Consultation

If you are a fully licensed professional you probably do not attend supervision regularly but you likely have certain client cases that have you stumped. My areas of expertise in which we can do some laser-focused consultative work together to provide you effective ideas for strategic steps forward are as follows:

  • High Conflict Divorce and all Divorce Related Cases
  • Trichotillomania
  • OCD
  • Selective Mutism
  • Separation Anxiety Disorder
  • Working with Challenging Parents of Child Clients
  • Play Therapy with Couples and Adult Clients
  • Gottman Couples Counseling

Self-Care Consultation

Mental health professionals are high risk for burnout and compassion fatigue due to the nature of the work we do to help people with emotional, mental and behavioral challenges. And… mental health professionals have a tendency to lack regular, meaningful, nourishing self-care. I provide private consultation to help mental health professionals develop actionable, strategic plans for self care that can be baked into daily life and work.

The Business of Mental Health Consultation

Since 2010 I have been providing consultation and training to therapists world-wide on how to create and sustain a dream career in the field of mental health whether that is a solo private practice, a group practice or developing new branches of professional development. I trained with Jack Canfield, former psychotherapist, world renowned author and international speaker and trainer and I learned in-depth strategies for creating and sustaining personal and professional success in life. I would love to help you build or level-up your dreams in your career.

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