Playful Presence & Connection: Effective Application of the Principles & Tenets of Child & Client Centered Theory in the Play Room

August 16 10:45-1:00 EASTERN

This two hour live webinar will closely examine the roots of the humanistic theoretical foundation of child centered play therapy through examination of the works of Dr. Carl Rogers, his student Dr. Virginia Axline and Dr. Garry Landreth. We will observe video examples of child centered play therapy sessions that exemplify the nature of “playful presence and connection” and then will consider how this level of being with the child client through playful presence and connection can carry over into facilitative and directive play therapy interventions when prescriptively applied to the treatment plan.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define and describe client centered theoretical orientation and how it translates to child centered play therapy.
  2. Explain how the research supports empirical establishment of efficacy of child centered play therapy.
  3. List and name Axline’s 8 principles of play therapy and name 5 ways play serves as an agent of change and growth.
  4. Describe how and why playful presence and connection with the therapist is so vital for the child client in particular case examples presented.

FEE: $45

The live webinar counts as 4 hours of contact play therapy training (APT Approved Provider 12-321).


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