Play Therapy with Families Training in Ireland 2020

Are you in or near Ireland? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to go to Ireland to explore the most magical Emerald Isle? How about some play therapy with families training at the same time?

I am headed to Ireland in June of 2020 and I am planning to provide a series of play therapy with families training events and I’d like to hear from you to get your requests, ideas, suggestions, and wishes as I go about the process of planning this very special opportunity.

My vision is to provide a series of 4 different one day training events in Ireland so that I can make it to 4 different locations to see the locals in those areas AND invite my American colleagues to go on a bit of tour to see various areas of Ireland while gaining 4 days of 4 different play therapy training topics related to working with families using play-based interventions within a family systems approach. 

Please sign up on the list below and be sure to add to your contact list so you see the emails so you can participate! Also please go join on Facebook THIS GROUP so we can connect there!

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