Play Therapy Training for licensing CE hours and APT CE hours

on the CoreWellness Continuing Education Platform! 

Sincere Praise from Happy Therapists Who Have Taken Lynn’s Trainings:

“Wonders Counseling and Consulting has many trainings that I absolutely recommend! I have taken many courses over the last 4 years and have enjoyed every single one of them. One aspect that I enjoy the most is that the trainings are NEVER boring and always make you want to participate in them. Cost is reasonable, duration of trainings not crazy and you really do walk away knowing that you did learn something, not just earned a certificate. 5 out of 5 stars.”

“Lynn Louise Wonders is an excellent presenter. The time flew by and I could have listened much longer. She does an excellent job explaining the etiology of school refusal and provides many helpful tools to assist the counselor in not only understanding what could be going on with the child, but also how to address it and actually help resolve the issue. I’d actually like to be able to watch the recorded video again to go back and hear some things I may have missed while I was writing down my notes.”

“Lynn’s play therapy training style is approachable, engaging and efficient. She provides excellent material, always sure to address theory and research and always sure to provide practical tools and resources. Lynn is the reason I now have my RPT and I’ve continued to enjoy working with her for case consultation. She’s a wealth of knowledge.”

“The training was well organized and trainer was very knowledgeable on the subject. She gave us different ways to approach and help children experiencing school refusal. We left the training with things we could use right away with our own clients.”

“This training was so helpful and practical. Instructor Lynn Louise Wonders shared a wealth of knowledge of what could be happening for a child as well as provided different theoretical responses that can be used to work with children and families as they work through the challenges of such. Lynn also provided several valuable resources that can be used and purchased when working with such families. I found the training to be extremely helpful and tactile. I would strongly recommend this training to anyone who is considering taking such.”

“Lynn Louise Wonders provides the most effective training to help therapists work with today’s children who are experiencing real world situations.”

“Lynn Louise Wonders knows how to keep play therapy training fun and interesting. Her style of training is engaging, warm, humble and she clearly is a life-time learner herself, realizing the value of ongoing training and learning.” 

“I LOVE Lynn’s trainings! I always come away having learned solid theoretical basis but also loads of practical information I can put into practice right away.” 

“I stumbled upon Lynn’s catalogue of play therapy training when I was a couple of years into my play therapy career, and I’m so glad that I did! I already had my foundational skills, and was now looking to find my niche. I have taken many of her courses over the years, and what I’ve found most helpful is the huge range of topics that are available to learn about. Affordably! This allowed me the opportunity to become familiar with many different areas of focus within the play therapy umbrella and find the ones that resonated with me the most. Lynn also shares lots of resources and key words that I used to delve more deeply into those topics that I found I connected with most or most helpful for my client base. I did this either via independent study, by finding more extensive training on the subject – or both. I cannot think of a day in my play therapy office where I am not either using a technique I learned directly from Lynn, or something that I learned as a result of a topic that I was introduced to in one of her workshops. Thank you Lynn, for my professional growth, and for introducing me to the tools that have helped so many children.”