While it’s always optimal to get as many of your 150 hours of APT approved play therapy training through quality in-person workshops, we realize many therapists do not have access to that many opportunities. This year and through 2019 you can still get your contact training hours via live distance training.  Here are some great online training webinars coming up you should know about!


Each of these 11 upcoming webinars below are approved by APT for 2 play therapy training contact hours and each one has a fee of $45. All webinars are recorded and later available as non-contact training hours as well as NBCC approved continuing education hours.


Ethics in Play Therapy: It’s a 3 Ring Circus!

August 10 11:00-1:00 Eastern

With all of the ethical considerations when providing play therapy services it can feel like watching all three rings under the big top circus! This webinar will examine the ethical tenets we all must be aware of when working with child clients and their families. More info and registration here.



play therapy training

A Neurobiological Approach to Play Therapy

August 24 11:00-1:00 Eastern

Presented by Alyssa Caldbeck, LISW, RPT and hosted by Lynn Louise Wonders, LPC, RPT-S, CPCS, this training is an advanced play therapy training for experienced play therapists wanting to learn about the neurobiology framework of the Polyvagal theory and application in play therapy. More info and registration here.


The Mountain Method™: An Effective Method for Play Therapy Treatment Planning & Implementation

August 31 11:00-1:00 Eastern

Presented by Stacy Jagger, LMFT, RPT and hosted by Lynn Louise Wonders, LPC, RPT-S, CPCS, this webinar introduces the Mountain Method™, a family systems approach to treatment planning using play therapy from a blend of attachment theory and relational neurobiology with directive play therapy interventions, including sand tray, communication games and expressive arts techniques. Making use of both directed play activities and unstructured, nature-based play, the child and family “climb the mountain” together. This  allows the family to set their own goals for the therapeutic process in a collaborative way, practicing new skills, with the therapist as their guide. More info and registration here.



A Child’s Brain Development Through the Lens of Play Therapy

September 21 11:00-1:00 Eastern

This webinar considers the child’s brain development and how a child’s behavior and expressions can be better understood and addressed with an understanding of basic neurobiology when treating children in play therapy More info and registration here.



The Play Therapy Process with Difficult Parentsplay therapy training

September 28 11:00-1:00 Eastern

In this webinar we will look at the complexities of parent intakes, establishing treatment plans and establishing appropriate and strategic steps to keep parents involved while having solid boundaries when one or both parents show very difficult behavioral and personality traits in order to preserve the therapeutic relationship with the child and ensure the integrity of the play therapy process. More info and registration here.



Play Therapy Interventions for Children of Divorce

October 12 11:00-1:00 Eastern

When children come for play therapy because their parents are divorced or going through divorce we are helping children to adjust to the changes. This webinar will focus on play therapy interventions to support children through the complexities of emotional challenges that come with living with divorced or divorcing parents while remaining firmly in the role as therapist for the children. More info here.



Play Therapy with Separation Anxiety

October 26 11:00-1:00 Eastern

Children who have separation anxiety disorder experience severe disruption in ability to have a normal and happy functioning life. Play therapy can be a source of healing, learning and growing into an ability to have healthy separation from parents or other primary caregivers. This webinar will provide an overview of the nature of separation anxiety and how to address it in play therapy. More info here.



play therapy trainingGroup Play Therapy with Children Ages 5-11

November 16 11:00-1:00 Eastern

Play therapy in groups of children can be a transformative experience for  a child’s growth and healing. This webinar will teach you how to form groups with play based interventions focused on a variety of topics such as social skills, kindergarten readiness, anxiety, grief and changing families.More info and registration here.


Fostering Emotional Intelligence through Play Therapy for Children & Parentsplay therapy training

November 30 11:00-1:00 Eastern

Based on the research of Daniel Goleman, PhD and John Gottman, PhD, this webinar will explore the essence of emotional intelligence and how play therapy interventions can help children and their parents develop adaptive ways of identifying and expressing emotions in adaptive ways resulting in improved relationships with self and others. More info and registration here.



play therapy trainingEvidence Based Play Therapy: Research Supported Treatment Planning

December 7 11:00-1:00 Eastern

This  webinar will carefully examine all of the research that demonstrates evidence based play therapy for treatment planning in helping children with a variety of mental health issues and challenges so you an feel secure in knowing the work you are doing with play therapy is backed by quality research studies.More info  here.



Bibliotherapy: The Magic of Bringing Books into the Play Roomplay therapy training

December 14 11:00-1:00 Eastern

In this webinar we will examine the best ways to utilize children’s literature in the play room to assist in helping children in their process of healing and growth. The workshop will include a review of the history of bibliotherapy in health care and you will finish the training with a list of 50 recommended books to have in your play room library for directive and facilitative play therapy interventions.

If you see 5 or more webinars you know you’d like to sign up for now, please contact us to inquire about bulk purchase discounts.