Play Therapy Supervision

I provide training workshops for therapists seeking continuing education as well as training for preschool teachers and parents. Additionally, each month I provide supervision groups and individual supervision for therapists seeking the credential of Registered Play Therapist (RPT). Scroll down to learn more about the various training and supervision opportunities.

Continuing Education Workshops for Therapists

Ethics in Play Therapy: It’s a Three Ring Circus!

In working with children, parents, families, school teachers and counselors there are so many ethical considerations it can be mind-boggling! This 6 hour training is a fun and interactive workshop that allows play therapists to work together examining our respective codes of ethics in terms of how to apply ethical principles to the play therapy services we provide. We will be examining multiple cases based on common challenges in working with child clients with consideration to confidentiality, consent vs. assent, record keeping, dual roles/relationships, cultural sensitivity and termination process.

Date: Friday, September 6, 2013
(APT Approved Provider 12-321, 6 ethics hours applied for with LPCA-GA and NASW-GA)

Play Therapy for the Anxious Child Age 4-11

This training will offer an abundance of information on how to help children from ages 4-11 who suffer from anxiety using a combination of directive and non-directive play therapy techniques. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the nature of anxiety, developmental stages of age and growth therein and learn how to get the family and school on the team in helping children. Everyone attending this training will leave the workshop with a” tool box ” full of playful approaches and techniques and a renewed perspective on how to do play therapy with anxious child clients.

Date: Friday, September 13, 2013
(APT Approved Provider 12-321, 6 core hours applied for with LPCA-GA and NASW-GA)

Compassion Fatigue for Play Therapists

Therapists who work with children providing play therapy services may be more prone to suffer from compassion fatigue. This training examines the origin and nature of compassion fatigue specifically as it relates to therapists who practice play therapy with child clients. Often the issues child clients come to therapy with and the energy required to provide high quality play therapy services can challenge even the most seasoned play therapists and take a toll on the therapist’s emotional well-being. Through this training, participants will learn practical strategies to be prepared and to combat compassion fatigue that may emerge from the work required of professionals who offer play therapy on a regular basis.

Date: Friday, October 11, 2013
(APT Approved Provider 12-321, 6 core hours applied for with LPCA-GA and NASW-GA)

Mindfulness in Play Therapy

During this training, participants will have an opportunity to learn about the practice and philosophy of mindfulness and how it relates to play therapy with child clients. Mindfulness practice includes breath exercises, simple yoga postures and other relaxation techniques and this training provides specific training in how to adapt these techniques to working with child clients in play therapy. These techniques incorporated into directive play therapy will help children to increase focus and awareness of body, breath and thoughts. Mindfulness practice in play therapy provides skills for children to feel empowered adaptively to self soothe when anxious, to have choice in terms of which of their thoughts they will follow and believe and how they can help themselves to bring calm as needed. All of these techniques are introduced in an experiential platform and in a playful manner so that play therapists can learn first-hand how to practice these skills and how to apply them in the play room to help play therapy clients.

Date: Friday, November 1, 2013
(APT Approved Provider 12-321, 6 core hours applied for with LPCA-GA and NASW-GA) 

To Register for a Workshop for Therapists’ Continuing Education:

Please download this registration document and either email, mail or fax in with payment. You may fax it to 678-264-2117 or email to

All workshops are  from 9am-4:30pm with registration opening at 8:30.

For more information please feel free to contact Lynn at or call 404-455-5805

Preschool Teacher Training & Support

I provide training for continuing education purposes for early childhood educators on subjects that relate to the emotional and social development of children from infancy to age 6. In these workshop I seek to help teachers to obtain new skills and inspiration for the work they do with children. Currently, I work closely with Primrose Schools providing workshops, in-class observation and coaching services for early childhood educators.

Workshops I have developed and have available for teacher training include:

  • Encouraging Children in the Classroom: How to empower children to cooperate, participate and learn
  • Helping Children Find Calm and Focus
  • Learning Styles Theory: Children learn in different ways
  • Classroom Management: Finding balance between structure and freedom of expression
  • Emotion Education: Helping children learn to recognize, express and manage emotion in the classroom
  • Teacher Care: Relaxation, stress management and self care training for teachers

 Please contact me if you would like to speak about having me conduct a training for your school.

Professional Supervision

I provide professional supervision for therapist providing play therapy services. In groups and through individual supervision we discuss the practice of play therapy, review cases, view video of sessions and share techniques and ideas for how best to help our child clients.

 In my work with supervisees I utilize an approach that honors and considers the person of the therapist. In supervision we do not explore  personal issues except as these issues arise in the therapeutic process and we consider personal issues of the therapist only to the extent it is necessary to provide quality therapy with and for the client.

This approach in supervision helps the therapist to to better use awareness of self to serve the client. In play therapy it is extremely important that therapists have clarity of transference and counter-transference in order to effectively “hold the space” for child clients and their process of working through. 

Groups meet one Friday each month 3:00 to 5:00 and one Wednesday each month 10:00 to 12:00.

If you would like to enter into supervision with me, please contact me and I’ll be happy to speak with you about your supervision needs and availability in my groups.