Play Therapy Supervision Training

Receive graduate level, quality play therapy supervision training specific to supervising therapists who are providing play therapy services.

And get it online.


Lynn Louise Wonders, LPC, RPT-S, CPCS offers the following 3 hour workshops for a total of 15 hours of APT approved play therapy supervision training on topics specific to play therapy supervision. All of these workshops are are recorded from a previously live tele-seminars.

*If you should choose to purchase these trainings you will be redirected to Jen Taylor Play Therapy and her educational platform. She is both an APT approved provider AND an NBCC approved provider so hours completed will go toward your play therapy supervision training requirements and toward licensure if you are a counselor.

*Once a training is purchased you may take as much time as you need to complete the training.

All recorded workshops provide automatic quiz and certificate download after completion of your play therapy training now housed on an educational platform at  JenTaylorPlayTherapy. You will be redirected to her online learning website. You will purchase, register and take your course and then access your quiz and certificate immediately!

Refund and Cancellation Policy: Given the nature of these recorded workshops being valuable content delivered and available to you after purchase,  there are no refunds after purchase. Thank you for your understanding. 

Play Therapy Supervision with Interns and New Therapists

This 3 hour recorded workshop provides training in the work, process and ethical responsibilities for supervising interns and new therapists in providing play therapy services. While there is an overview of various supervisory models, we will focus on a developmental perspective examining two developmental models taking into consideration where interns and new therapists are in their professional development specific to play therapy services for child clients.

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Play Therapy Supervision Training: Compassion Fatigue and Burnout

Supervisors must be aware and able to spot compassion fatigue and burnout in our supervisees and ourselves. Therapists providing play therapy services to children may be more prone to suffer from compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and burnout likely due to the issues child clients present with and the energy required to provide high quality play therapy services. Compassion fatigue can challenge even the most seasoned play therapists and take a toll on the therapist’s emotional well-being. Through this training, participants will learn practical strategies to be prepared and to combat compassion fatigue that may emerge from the work required of professionals who offer play therapy on a regular basis.

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Play Therapy Supervision with Experienced Therapists

The role of the play therapy supervisor changes when supervising therapists who have had extensive training and experience in play therapy. In this workshop we will examine the supervisor’s role in assisting more seasoned play therapists in developing deeper insight including counter-transference that often occurs when working with child clients and their families. We will review the broader nuances of the supervisory relationship including support for the developmental process of the play therapist

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Play Therapy Supervision: Supporting Supervises with Family Court Related Cases

The play therapy parent intake session could be the most important session you will conduct in the process of play therapy. What you ask and what you say in the initial parent intake session before providing play therapy services for a child client is critically important for case conceptualization, play therapy treatment planning and establishing important boundaries, policies and protocols.

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Ethical Considerations in Play Therapy Supervision

In this workshop we will review all the ethical issues we must be aware of as supervisors of play therapists working with child clients and families providing play therapy services including confidentiality, record keeping and examining our own ethical obligations to our supervisees as well.

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