family in fieldPlay Therapy and Parents

When working with child clients using play therapy it is essential we have a good relationship with the child’s parents. Often parents don’t understand what we are doing in the play room or don’t know how to support the work we are doing with their children. Many play therapists have not received training on the ins and outs of how to interact with and involve parents in the play therapy process. This two hour pre-recorded workshop via tele-seminar (audio only) will provide 2 hours of non-contact play therapy training  – APT Provider #12-321

Receive Helpful Tips and New Ideas on How To:

How to Talk to Parents about Play Therapy

Develop Protocols and Policies for Parents

Involve Parents in Play Therapy Sessions

Provide Parenting Guidance With Savvy

Keep Parents Invested in Bringing Children to Play Therapy!

Fee: $35

Register below by clicking the Pay Now button. You will receive tele-seminar recording, content and quiz access  immediately after your payment processes so look for the CONTENT ACCESS PAGE to pop up right away!  You will write down the questions and send your answers to after completing the quiz and your certificate will be sent to you within 24 hours.