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All recorded online play therapy training workshops provide automatic quiz and certificate download after completion of your play therapy training.

All recorded training workshops are housed on an educational platform owned and operated by JenTaylorPlayTherapy. When you click the Learn More & Register button, you will be redirected to her online learning website from this site. You can purchase, register, access and take your course at your own pace and then access your quiz and certificate immediately.

All recorded training workshops provide 2 hours of non-contact APT play therapy training via  APT (Approved Provider 12-331) AND 2 NBCC hours of training.

PLEASE NOTE: Some workshops are supplemented with extra video or required reading resources to ensure there are an exact number of hours of play therapy training continuing education content indicated outside of time devoted to introductions or other announcements for the live participants who were originally present.

Refund and Cancellation Policy: Given the nature of these recorded workshops being valuable content delivered and available to you after purchase,  there are no refunds after purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

Concerns & Complaint Policy: If you have any complaint or concern about access or quality of any of the trainings please contact info@jentaylorplaytherapy.com or lynn@wonderscounseling.com and your concern will be reviewed and addressed promptly.

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Play Therapy Basics

Foundations & Basic Skills in Play Therapy

This 3 hour introductory play therapy recorded webinar covers a thorough overview of the history of play therapy including a variety of theoretical orientations and approaches to play therapy.

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What's in a Play Room?

Come and learn everything you need to know about how to build your play room for play therapy! Whether traditional play room, using an office for multiple purposes or using a mobile play room for play therapy in the community, this 1 hour mini-workshop provides a comprehensive list of all you need to be equipped for providing play therapy services.

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Including Parents in the Play Room

Often play therapy is most effective when parents are involved in an adaptive and effective manner There are many ways parents can be involved with the process of play therapy but this 2 hour webinar is going to review a variety of models for having parents in the play room with child clients.

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Play Therapy & The Initial Parent Phone Call: Screening for Appropriate Fit

The initial phone call with a parent of a prospective child client is maybe the most important point in determining appropriateness for your play therapy services. Learn how to spot red flags and how to know when the client is or is not a good fit for your services.

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Understanding A Child's Brain Through Play Therapy

An  introduction to a child’s brain development and how a child’s behavior and expressions can be better understood and addressed with this understanding. This 2 hour webinar is an excellent first step to understanding the basics of the more complex field neuroscience in relation to treating children in play therapy.

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Mindfulness in Play Therapy

Mindfulness practice has been proven in brain studies to have meaningful and significant improvements to brain function . Play therapists will benefit from learning not only how to practice more mindfulness themselves in order to be full present for clients and also to introduce mindfulness to children through play therapy techniques.

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Play Therapy & the 90 Minute Parent Intake

What you ask and what you say in the initial parent intake session before providing play therapy services for a child client is critically important for case conceptualization, play therapy treatment planning and establishing important boundaries, policies and protocols.

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Play Therapy & Parents

Often parents don’t understand what we are doing in the play room or don’t know how to support the work we are doing with their children. Many play therapists have not received training on the ins and outs of how to interact with and involve parents in the play therapy process.

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Play Therapy Across the Life Span

In this workshop you will be led through the 8 stages of human development and  how you can use play therapy with people of from infancy to elderly. You will receive specific interventions and ideas for treatment plans involving play therapy techniques regardless of the age of your client. After this training you will feel more confident explaining how play therapy works for everyone!

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Play Therapy on Special Topics

Play Therapy with Children Experiencing Grief and Loss

This 2 hour webinar provides an overview of what a child typically experiences emotionally, mentally and physically when experiencing the loss of a loved one, a pet, a friend or the grief and loss experienced when having to move away from familiar school, family and friends. We will discuss how play therapy can assist a child in moving through the process of grief and loss.

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Play Therapy with Children Experiencing Anger & Frustration

This 2 hour webinar will explore the layers of emotions that manifest as anger and frustration while learning a collection of facilitative play therapy interventions to utilize for the purposes of psycho-education, empowerment of the child through adaptive expression and regulation of emotions.

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Play Therapy With The Perfectionistic Child

When a child feels pressure to be perfect, to do everything perfectly, whether it comes from an external source or internally, it can wreak havoc on a child’s ability to function as a happy, normal child. In this 2 hour webinar we look at how to use play therapy to assist children with perfectionism to create new ways of of thinking, seeing and behaving so that they can have a more relaxed and joyful quality of life.

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Play Therapy with Couples, Families & Teens

Play therapy can be effective with all ages but it is particularly effective in sessions with couples, families and adolescent clients. This recorded workshop will provide specific play therapy interventions that can be used in relationship and family counseling and your work with teens.

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Play Therapy with Tween Girls (Ages 10-12)

This 2 hour webinar looks at the use of play therapy interventions with girls ages 10-12. They are no longer little girls but they’re not quite adolescents and this developmental stage can require a special playful approach.

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Play Therapy with Sibling Rivalry and Jealousy

Sometimes children come to play therapy when parents have concerns about behavior and emotional exhibitions regarding relationship to and with a sibling. This 2 hour workshop will provide ideas, framework and play therapy interventions a therapist can use to help children, parents and families when sibling relationships are strained.

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40 Play Therapy Techniques with the Anxious Child

This three hour recorded tele-workshop will provide a tool-box of 40 effective directive play therapy interventions to use when working with child clients with anxiety with an essential foundation of client-centered tenets and practice.

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Evidence Based Play Therapy: Research Supported Treatment Planning

This 2-hour webinar will carefully examine the research that shows and supports evidence based play therapy for treatment planning in helping children with a variety of mental health issues and challenges

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Group Play Therapy for Children Ages 5-11

Play therapy with groups of children can be a powerful modality for growth and healing. This webinar will provide training on how to create groups with particular play based interventions focused on various topics such as social skills, kindergarten readiness, anxiety, grief and changing families.

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Fostering Emotional Intelligence through Play Therapy for Children & Parents

Based on the research of Daniel Goleman, PhD and John Gottman, PhD, this 2 hour webinar will explore in depth the essence of emotional intelligence and how play therapy interventions can help children and their parents develop adaptive ways of identifying and expressing emotions resulting in improved relationships with self and others.

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Play Therapy with Separation Anxiety

Children who have separation anxiety disorder experience severe disruption in ability to have a normal and happy functioning life. Play therapy can be a source of healing, learning and growing into an ability to have healthy separation from parents or other primary caregivers. This webinar will provide an overview of the nature of separation anxiety and how to address it in play therapy.

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A Play Therapy Approach to Treating Trichotillomania

This 2 hour recorded webinar provides an overview of the diagnosis and treatment of Trichotilomania (also known as hair pulling disorder) using a play therapy approach combining cognitive behavioral play therapy, mindfulness-based play therapy techniques steeped in researched and evidence-based methods.

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Play Therapy and ADHD

This 2 hour workshop provides training on the medical/traditional AND the alternative perspectives on the diagnosis of ADHD for children as well as specific play therapy interventions that can be used in helping child clients who have this diagnosis or display ADHD symptoms.

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Play Therapy in Preschools & Behavioral Observations

Taking play based support into preschool settings is an impactful way to reach more children and provide services that are much needed. This 2 hour recorded training will get you started including documents you will need and specific guidance on how to develop your own program.

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Play Therapy with Selective Mutism

In this 4 hour recorded workshop we will explore the nature of selective mutism in child clients, how to properly diagnose and identify what stage of selective mutism in which a child is in and how to utilize specific play therapy interventions to help children and families.

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Play Therapy with Difficult Parents

In this 2-hour webinar, we will explore the complexities of conducting the parent intake, establishing the treatment plan and finding appropriate and strategic ways to involve the parents when one or both parents exhibit very difficult behavioral and personality traits in order to preserve the therapeutic relationship with the child and ensure the integrity of the play therapy process.

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Play Therapy & Court: Be Prepared!

Often therapists are caught off guard when they receive a subpoena. If you are required to go to court and will be asked to testify as to your work providing play therapy you need to be prepared. This one hour play therapy distance training workshop provides a brief but impactful overview of what you need to know to be prepared for appearing in court and testifying as a play therapist.

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Ethical Play Therapy in Home and School Settings

Often therapists need to provide play therapy services in-home or at school depending on the needs of the population being served or the nature of the services. This 2 hour webinar will address ways to apply play therapy principles ethically and create a therapeutic experience for the child client in a variety of settings outside of the traditional office setting.

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Ethics in Play Therapy: It's a 3 Ring Circus

There are so many ethical considerations when providing play therapy services all once that it can feel like we are watching a 3 ring circus! This 2 hour training examines the ethical tenets we all must be aware of when working with child clients and their families and provides fictional case scenarios to which we will apply those ethical tenets.

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Play Therapy & High Conflict Divorce and Custody Cases

This 4 hour workshop provides a very thorough and solid foundation of practical knowledge and guidance on how to use play therapy effectively while also knowing how to manage parents, guardians ad litem, lawyers and court if necessary. This in-depth workshop includes copies of my proprietary documents including my policy forms and informed consent specific to cases involved in litigation as well as numerous resources and case scenarios based on real life cases.

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