Permission to Pivot™ : Practices to Effectively Navigate Change and Create New Opportunities

One thing is 100% certain in life:


and the ensuing feelings of


Whether it’s something relatively small such as a project not succeeding as hoped or something bigger like a relationship’s end, being laid off from a job, being served legal papers, a natural disaster, death of a loved one, or a health challenge, when things in life don’t go the way we had hoped, planned, or wish, we face a host of potential emotions.







Often those emotions linger and frequently this is where most people get stuck.

But there’s an alternative to getting stuck. And that alternative is

Permission to Pivot™:

Practices to Effectively Navigate Change and Create New Opportunities


Permission to Pivot ™ is a mindfulness-based, educational program that teaches people practical and effective practices for weathering all the curve-balls Life may throw at you. 


Permission to Pivot ™ is a system for learning how to reshape the way you conceptualize what is happening in your life

and redesign the way you respond to the twists and turns that Life presents on a regular basis. 

What does this course include?

A variety of options for your preferred style of learning:

Enjoy watching and listening? You’ll have 10 Short Videos.

Prefer listening while walking or driving? No worries! There will be 10 Short Audio versions.

Love to read content? You’ll get an accessible and downloadable book.

Do you like to take notes and do written reflection? You’ll receive a  beautiful downloadable and printable journal for you to personalize and use throughout you learning and practice journey.

PLUS: Actionable and accessible exercises for training YOUR brain to see the possibilities and potential opportunities in ANY life change and event.

This course is designed to help people learn a set of principles that work

to increase resilience, hope, and feelings of empowerment.

Hi! I am Lynn Louise Wonders and I know a thing or two about the power of pivoting. I designed this program after mastering effective practices for facing and successfully navigating many of Life’s most challenging circumstances. I’ve also helped hundreds of psychotherapy clients, mental health professionals, and life-design coaching clients make substantial changes to the way they see, hear, and address the challenges Life has handed them. I have created this program to be affordable and accessible to anyone and everyone who wishes to learn this system for learning how to reshape how you conceptualize and act on what is happening in your life, no matter how difficult and challenging the circumstances may be.

Based in principles woven together from neurobiology, mindfulness-based practices, emotional intelligence, somatic experiencing, cognitive behavioral psychology, radical acceptance, empowerment and resilience, and growth-mindset, this program will take you through a series of effective practices to learn how to deal with whatever Life throws you way.

If you are a psychotherapist, marriage and family therapist, social worker, counselor or a life coach,

this program can support the work you do to assist YOUR clients

while also supporting YOU and YOUR life both personally and professionally.

It’s time to give yourself Permission to Pivot™

Pay What You Can Afford!

Permission to Pivot
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By choosing to pay your first monthly installment of $700 you are agreeing to pay three more monthly installments the following three months. Refunds are not available as this is a financial commitment to one of only ten spaces in this mastermind. By enrolling you are making a commitment to yourself, your business, your calendar and to Lynn Louise Wonders and this group. If you are unable to attend live sessions you will receive access to the recordings and to all the materials during the mastermind and for 6 months after the mastermind concludes.