Often play therapy is most effective when parents are involved in an adaptive and effective manner There are many ways parents can be involved with the process of play therapy but this LIVE 2 hour webinar is going to review a variety of models for having parents in the play room with child clients.

After taking this training, participants will be able to achieve the following learning objectives:

1. List 5 child-parent models in which the therapist has parent(s) in the play room with child clients and will learn when/why various models might be utilized.

2. Describe how to direct parents and inform parents as to the process of participating in their child’s play therapy process.

3. List 10 benefits for bringing parents into the play room as well as 10 examples of when it would be contraindicated.

FEE: $45

The live webinar counts as 2 hours of contact play therapy training (APT Approved Provider 12-321).

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