The Lease-n-Learn Play Therapy Training Library

Learning is life-long.

Sometimes we need continuing education hours.

But sometimes…

We just want to LEARN and we need affordable access to valuable information!

 You buy books when you need to learn something to enrich your knowledge, right?

Well, this is a new way of learning.

It’s called Lease-n-Learn.

It’s for your learning enrichment. 

All of my previously recorded play therapy trainings that originally were offered for continuing education training prior to 2021 are now offered at a very low fee for your learning enrichment.

Nope, they are not for CE hours but the price is SO LOW and you have 30 days to soak up the learning and enrich your knowledge to help your clients!



We are currently transitioning PREVIOUS CE courses to the new Lease-n-Learn Library. They are all available HERE.

Browse the Lease-n-Learn Library

of online play therapy learning enrichment courses AT THIS LINK!

I love Lynn Louise Wonders’ style of teaching. She is personable, she makes it fun and interesting while covering everything she includes in the learning objectives. Online play therapy training has allowed me to keep up with my continuing education requirements while learning lots of great new information!

C. K.


Online Play Therapy is Convenient

It’s not always possible to get to the conferences and live in-person training events and sometimes you have a topic you really need to learn about right away. Online play therapy training affords you an opportunity to learn on your own time at your own pace. 

The online play therapy training webinars that Lynn Louise Wonders offers are straight forward, very helpful and have helped me learn a lot of practical interventions while also teaching me about the way to frame what I am doing in the play room with clear theoretical understanding. 

J. S.


A Child is Part of a System

It is vital to consider all the systems the child is a part of when you are treating a child with play therapy. Inclusion of parents, siblings, school teachers and others the child interacts with regularly may be essential to your treatment plan. 

Don't wait until you're in over your head!

If you work with children and families you need to be prepared for the very likely possibility of court, subpoenas and attorneys. Don’t get caught off guard. Get training and be prepared!