Money Mindset: An Advanced Master-class Training for Business Owners

Professional Self-Care Consultant, Therapist, Trainer, Coach and Author, Lynn Louise Wonders has created a pre-recorded two-hour master-class that includes video presentation, useful handouts and a money mindset tools to help business owners clean up unconscious psychological patterns that can block business success.

Many business owners neglect this essential process of examining, evaluating and actively addressing their money mindset and as a result are left feeling discouraged when the business bank account doesn’t reflect all of their hard work.

After nearly 20 years of leading business-buliding mastermind trainings, self-care support retreats, professional development courses and private consultation in the fields of mental health, healthcare and coaching, Lynn Louise Wonders offers practical means to increasing financial literacy, uncovering unconscious beliefs that are blocking business owners from realizing financial success and exercises to improve money mindset and free up the fiscal flow.

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