Module 6 SEAL

Module 6: 

Selling the Program to Preschools

This module will teach you how to approach preschool owners and directors and how to “sell” them on the idea of bringing you and S.E.A.L. Social Emotional Awareness Literacy program into their preschool including options for creative ways to finance the program.

Let’s face it. The idea of being a “sales person” feels icky to most of us as mental health professionals. Don’t worry! I’m going to teach you the trick to “selling” this concept and getting preschools and parents to the point they’ll be clamoring to sign you on and bring you on board without it feeling at all “salesy.”

First watch THIS VIDEO with a colleague of mine named Stephanie Wrona  (I think you’ll really like her!) called How to Sell Without Being Salesy for a great overview of this concept (18 minutes)

Watch this video for SEAL Sales Training (20 minutes)

Download this Benefits of S.E.A.L. Sheet. 

Download this Pricing of S.E.A.L. Sheet

Watch this tele-seminar called The Business of Selling to Schools which is geared more to K-12 but has some very valuable insights. (1 hour)

Upon completion of this module please complete the written assignment HERE.