make a statement and stand outRegardless of the professional field you choose to work in there will always be opportunity for collaboration and achievement of goals but there will also always be competition. So, how do you make a statement and stand out in your profession?

Honestly, I am not wired to see others as competitors. I’m even happy to see my opponents in competitive sports win! I do believe there is plenty of work to go all the way around and every professional can find her clients, projects or dream job; but, in the world of business there is competition whether you like it or not.

You see, if you are offering a service that sounds just like what 10 other people are also offering, by default you have competition. Rather than thinking of it as needing to beat the competition, consider it a strategic process. If you want to make a statement and stand out in your profession, you want to do the work to shine so brightly and uniquely that you are able to attract clients, projects, promotions, or be hired for a dream job, and keep moving upward and forward successfully. 

Consider what will help to improve your standing in the professional world, as well as how you can turn heads from a business perspective and stand out from the crowd. 

Here are 5 things you need to do in order to make a statement and stand out in your profession.

1. Seek to be unique.

While we all have to start somewhere, you eventually want to show up in the world with your own unique flair.  For example, when a therapist is first learning how to provide play therapy she will likely mimic the techniques of the great play therapists who have gone before. But with supervision, further training and lots of experience, her confidence grows and she’s able to begin to develop her own style. Or in the corporate world, when you land your first job in that fancy sky-scraper you likely will dress very similarly to the higher-ups but eventually you may want to consider shaking it up a little bit so your fashion presentation represents your personality on the job.

If you own a private practice or some other business of your own, the way you market your services and get the word out needs to stand out in some way. Do not mimic others who are offering the same or similar services. You’ve heard the common saying, “You do you.” Think outside of the box. Get creative. Stretch and reach and before you know it, you’ll be a stand-out among others.

2. Become an Interview Whizz

Whether you are looking for a company to hire you as an employee or to contract with you for your services you need to become an interview whizz as this is going to give you an edge. If you can look at techniques to use that are going to help you improve the way you come across in interviews you’ll be in a better position to have more opportunities.  Hone your techniques with practice and keep in mind how you want to come across to potential employers, contracting partners or potential clients.

3. Up Your Skills-Set Game

There are gads of options for how you can improve your experience, qualifications and gain new skills. Consider learning skills that might normally be outside of your scope of professional services to give you that added edge.  This might be learning how to do graphic design or book-keeping so you don’t have to hire out for those tasks in your business. Or you might want to take HTML training classes or get certified in first aid.

4. Feel Good About Who You are and What You Bring to Your Profession

It’s important to take pride in everything you do because this projects a positive image and promotes your good reputation. Companies and individuals looking to hire or sign on with your services are looking for people who will always give their all, and who take pride in what they do, so practice reflecting on all you have and all you do within your profession. Consider what sets you apart from others with similar services or skills. Take a look at your work ethic. Maybe you are a go-getter or perhaps you are known for being able to always get the job done. Pat yourself on the back and hold your head high.

5. Be Authentic and Helpful with Others.

This is likely the most important thing you need to do of all 5 tips. When you are genuinely caring and helpful to others and when you are authentic in all your communications you will find that people naturally are magnetized to you. Build real relationships with people by showing up when you say you will, following through with what you promise, demonstrating concern and offering to help.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that can help you to improve and enhance the way you come across in a professional capacity. Make sure you are setting yourself up for success. These tips will help you to become a qualified and indispensable member of your profession and you will have successfully secured more and more work for yourself in the future.