learning with Liana LowensteinMy own first experience learning from Liana Lowenstein, MSW, RSW, CPT-S was about 15 years ago or so when she traveled from her home in Canada to my home state of Georgia to provide play therapy training through a local child advocacy center. It was the very early part of my own career providing therapy for children and families and at that point I had been trained only in pure child-centered play therapy.

That training with Liana was a game-changer for me.

While Liana is definitely child-centered as her foundation in providing play therapy, she introduced me to the use of cognitive-behavioral play therapy theory and interventions to help children and families with specific presenting issues. I was enamored by the idea of combining the tenets of child-centered play therapy with directive play therapy interventions purposefully. I took what I learned that day and shifted the direction of my work with my clients to design treatment plans that were prescriptive and integrative.

Over the last 15 years I have continued learning from Liana Lowenstein! She was the first play therapist I could see that to offer play therapy interventions demonstrated on social media through her YouTube Videos before anyone else had thought to do so. Her enthusiasm to help child therapists all over the world shines through all of her books, her videos and most of all her live and online training events. She is a creative pioneer, always looking for the cutting edge ways to offer learning enrichment and growth for therapists worldwide.

Liana is a Registered Clinical Social Worker, Certified Play Therapist-Supervisor, and Certified TF-CBT Therapist and she has been working with children and their families since 1988. She has presented play therapy training across North America and abroad. Liana has traveled to South Africa, Israel, England, and Australia to provide training.

What I enjoy the most about learning from Liana is her efficient way of marrying theory and practical application of useful interventions that are rooted in evidence based research that lead to healing and growth for children in the context of their family systems. She emphasizes the importance of connections between the child client and therapist but also between the child client and caregivers, siblings and other family members.

Opportunities for learning from Liana Lowenstein

Below is a list of ways you can embark on your own experience learning with Liana Lowenstein. Each enumerated opportunity below contains a link to take you straight to the respective pages on her website. 

  1. Live and Recorded Webinars. During the time of pandemic of this year 2020, Liana has stepped up to be of service, helping therapists feel better equipped through her online training. She has live and recorded webinars on her website and she’s always updating this resource with new opportunities.
  2. Directory of Free Resource Articles.  Liana very generously offers therapists from all over the world to submit articles on a vast variety of topics to be listed for download from her website.
  3. Best Selling Play Therapy Books.  You’ll find eleven (11!) amazing books Liana has written and published full of inspiring interventions for your treatment planning with clients who are experiencing grief, divorce, sexual abuse as well as ideas for assessment and treatment planning. She offers 20% with discount code PC14 and she offers an additional 10% off if you buy four (4) or more books.
  4. Free Articles to Support Parents. Liana offers support resources for parents for you to access for the parents of your child clients. You can download or copy the links to share with parents electronically.
  5. Free Newsletter.  You can sign up to receive her newsletter which is always full of great info and updates.
  6. Supervision and Consultation. You might want to consider contacting Liana for supervision or case consultation if you’re facing a tough case or are early in your career and needing some help with play therapy theory and skills.