As a child and family therapist, one of my most meaningful training experiences over the many years I have been a therapist was with Rita Grayson, LCSW, RPT-S. Rita is the founder of Sage Source Learning Center where she provides a neuro-biological approach to using sand tray in therapy with clients. I attended Rita’s sand tray training in person at her “fungalow” in north Georgia and it was a wonderful experience. We learned experientially, we engaged our cognitive learning skills and we napped after lunch to give our bodies and brains a rest. I learned so much about myself as a human being and as a therapist. Rita is a master teacher and trainer because she not only knows her stuff after many years of in-depth training with some true GREATS in the fields of neurobiology (looking at you Bonnie Badenoch!) and sand tray therapy (and you Dr. Gisela Schubach DeDomenico!) but Rita herself is a true GREAT in my book. Her down-to-earth manner of relating, reflecting, connecting and sharing knowledge comes from her deep well of wisdom within. She inspires her students to be authentically present with self and others. She models self-acceptance and curiosity. She lives the example of mindfulness and willingness to always learn and also to go with the flow. You can learn more about Rita and her sand tray training opportunities on her website here. 


Rita Grayson is offering an immersive year-long learning experience I must tell you about.

This is an online learning experience I strongly urge you to consider. There are only 12 spots and if you’ve been looking for sand tray training that will change your life for the better in ways you never imagined, this is a great opportunity. Rita Grayson is a master teacher and an amazing human being and I am so grateful to have had her as my own teacher.

More info for registration HERE.