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On Monday November 9 at 11 am EASTERN time zone Brooke Harris, LPC, RPT, ACS, PMH-C will lead a one hour class called Infant Mental Health Fundamentals Over Telehealth as part of the 2020 Play Therapy Mini Master Class Series.

Although the fields of infant mental health and play therapy may overlap, there are some fundamentals of infant mental health that many play therapists may not be aware of.

Brooke believes that learning and bringing these foundational principles of infant mental health into the play room or to telehealth sessions can enhance therapeutic work with children and families. In this one hour class Brooke will show how these fundamental concepts can help play therapists with case conceptualization and also assist with viewing parents through a different lens.

Additionally, Brooke will share how keeping these principles in mind can also serve as a tool for therapists to keep themselves grounded and on course in treatment. She is passionate about this topic and is looking forward to sharing infant mental health ideas with play therapists. Most of all, she wants this hour to serve as a tool to affirm and inspire fellow therapists who are working hard during this challenging time.

Brooke Harris, MA, LPC, RPT, ACS, PMH-C is a licensed professional counselor, registered play therapist and EMDR certified clinician who owns a private practice in Evergreen, Colorado. In her practice, she specializes in play therapy, infant and perinatal mental health, and complex trauma. She recently completed a yearlong fellowship program in infant mental health and child development through the UC Anschutz Department of Psychiatry. 

Why sign up for this class called Infant Mental Health Fundamentals Over Telehealth?

This topic is one that is becoming more and more widely known as one we all need to be learning in order to be well-rounded as child and family therapists. Brooke has managed to have tremendous success with serving her clients well via telehealth and she is going to provide tips and tools for how to take this knowledge and apply it to client sessions through telehealth specifically.

Come sign up for this class with Brooke Harris and learn all about the 2020 Play Therapy Mini Master Class Series RIGHT HERE!