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Rose LaPiere, LPC, RPT-S, ACS recently presented a class called Helping Families Grieve: Loss of a Parent or Sibling now available as a recorded class you can access here.

Helping a family grieve the loss of parent or sibling requires having some particular interventions and inspiration in mind. Rose will be teaching us some very specific play-based creative strategies for how to engage families and assist them through the process of grief. Grief and loss can be very challenging for clinicians to navigate. Rose is a master at helping family members know how to experience meaningful connection, healing together. The interventions she uses and will be teaching us in this class are well-rooted in neuroscience.

I’ve worked closely with Rose over the last five years on two retreats for therapists, numerous training projects and I have sought her consultation services for my own work.  I am very happy she has agreed to be one of the 19 presenters in this upcoming Play Therapy Mini Master Class Series.  

Rose LaPiere’s work with families and children is grounded in the therapeutic powers of play, neuroscience, attachment theory, mindfulness, contextual family therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.  She is a certified School Psychologist and has worked as a school counselor in K-12 school settings.  Rose is a foundational Theraplay practitioner and has obtained many years of training in SandTray and SandPlay therapies.  She is certified in EMDR and as a Synergetic Play Therapist Supervisor. In private practice she works with children beginning ages 3 to 18 and also works with adults and families.

She provides supervision for therapists, consultation with schools and she provides training workshops for parents, teachers, and school counselors most often related to anxiety, and ADHD.  She has been interviewed on several podcasts including Lessons in the Playroom Episode #67 Nature in the Playroom and Warriors at Work on How to Regulate Yourself in Times of Uncertainty.  In her school career as school psychologist she worked in a variety of settings including preschool, elementary, middle school and high school in small to large school districts.  Rose has worked in private schools, community mental health agency, and intensive out-patient program.  She is currently the president for the NJ Association of Creative Counselors which is a branch of the NJ Counseling Association. She writes for the local newspaper as well as has a youtube channel for families and therapist’s to access resources.
Rose is available to provide trainings, consultation and supervision services and. you can reach her through her website here. 

Why sign up for Helping Families Grieve: Loss of a Parent or Sibling?

In this one hour class Rose LaPiere teaches you specific techniques and interventions you can use with families to address the grief and loss process that will help your clients experience meaningful and healing connection and communication.  These interventions are based in neuroscience and utilize the therapeutic powers of play while understanding individual family members are part of a family system. These interventions and tips you will receive in this class are ones you can use right away and will be wonderful additions to your repertoire of play therapy strategies for future clients.

Come learn how to help families grieve when there is a loss of a parent or sibling with Rose LaPiere, LPC, RPT-S, ACS!

Register to attend this class and learn more about the entire 2020 Play Therapy Mini Master Class Series RIGHT HERE!