Helping children learn to slow down is best achieved through playful and creative means. Author Joelle Harrison who participated in my 2022 Children’s Book Writing Circle has written and published the most fun and effective children’s book that will help child therapists, parents and teachers everywhere playfully assist children is seeing the value to concsiously slowing down their bodies when moving through daily life.

The book is called Simon Slows Down and this book is already helping children learn to slow down.

In this story, Simon thinks slowing down is boring! But, his wise, creative and patient mother joins him on the plane of imagination to help him understand how slowing down is actually a super power! A perfect book to help young children who have excess energy all the time or just have a habit of moving to quickly through their days.Helping children learn to slow down in a way they actually buy in is an art form and the author of this book knows how to engage children in a way they will WANT to learn to slow down.

Author Joelle Harrison, LPCC, RPT-S has a private practice in New Mexico called Giving Tree Counseling, LLC.  She has been practicing child therapy for over 25 years in the Albuquerque community in various settings. Joelle uses play therapy, therapeutic art activities, sand tray therapy and parent education in her work with children.The combination of Joelle’s love of books, writing, and her passion for supporting children paved way to now reach millions of children and families with her first published book Simon Slows Down


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