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group play therapy via telehealthOn Friday November 6 at 11 am EASTERN time zone I will be leading a one hour class called Group Play Therapy via Telehealth after receiving multiple requests for training on this topic as part of the 2020 Play Therapy Mini Master Class Series. 

Due to the need for therapists to offer services online we have all had to get very creative. Many therapists would like to utilize technology in order to provide group play therapy but are a bit stumped as to how to make this work. In this one hour class I will be providing practical tips and techniques as well as some creative and inspiring ideas for how to organize and lead groups with child clients on particular topics.

Since 2003 I have been working with children in group settings providing psychoeducation, social-emotional literacy training and group support on a variety of special topics to help children. In 2003 I launched a social emotional literacy program in preschool settings in Georgia and saw a significant decrease in teacher and parent reports of aggressive behavior after children participated in my program. That program is called S.E.A.L. Social Emotional Awareness Literacy for Preschoolers™ and I now train and provide certification for mental health providers to be certified S.E.A.L. providers for preschool children, their teachers and their parents.

From those beginnings in 2003, I have gone on to teach child therapists since 2010 ethics, play therapy theory, interventions and special training on how to run play therapy groups in private practice. One of my many live trainings that were recorded is a 2 hour CE workshop called Group Play Therapy.

Young children thrive when they have an opportunity to grow and learn with their peers.There has been a great deal of research establishing the efficacy of the use of play therapy in groups. Using group play therapy via telehealth is not only possible, it is a valuable way to bring children together in a format they are already familiar with as digital natives. There are a few considerations, tips and tricks I will be teaching you in this one hour class I’ll be teaching on Friday November 6.

One of my go-to resources I will be sharing that can be adapted to group play therapy via tele-health is a book called The Big Book of EVEN MORE Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Children and Teens.

Why sign up for this class called Group Play Therapy via Telehealth?

School age children learn who they are in relationship to other people and during this time of limited socializing opportunities, group play therapy via telehealth is all the more vitally important to help children with their problems and challenges by utilizing the power of group. I look forward to sharing practical ways you can create and lead successful group play therapy via telehealth.

You can sign up for this class and learn more about the entire 2020 Play Therapy Mini Master Series RIGHT HERE!