free guided meditationAs a helping professional you know how extending yourself to others in your everyday life and work requires making time to care for yourself.   Otherwise, you may fall out of balance.  It’s important to have regular injections of self care into your busy work of helping your clients or patients. I have a free guided meditation that can help with this and I’m eager to share it with. you.

In my years leading self care, meditation and yoga retreats for women I’ve noticed something.  Most female helping professionals neglect the need for deeper presence with self as part of their self care plan and process. It’s as if we as women are geared toward attending the needs of all others until there is not time left for our own needs to be met. Psychotherapists, in particular, actually have an ethical duty to our own self care.

Taking time – just 10 minutes – each day can do wonders.  Consciously going inward and intentionally finding a calmer, more centered experience in body and mind makes a world of difference in how we feel. I encourage you to create and honor that experience regularly. Just as we schedule and honor the appointments with our clients or patients, I believe we need to set an appointment with ourselves every day to tune inward, to breathe, to bring more balance between mind and body

Please allow me to give you a free guided meditation to aid in your self care process.

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