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On Wednesday December 2 at 11 am EASTERN Meredith Messina, LCPC, RPT will be presenting a one hour mini master class called Filial Therapy 101& Telehealth Adaptations as part of the Child & Family Therapy Mini Master Class Series. 

Filial therapy was first developed in the 1960s by Bernard and Louise Guerney.  This form of therapy is based on the principles of child-centered play therapy with parents or other primary care-givers trained to participate in a very particular way that enhances the parent-child bond.  There are a  variety of approaches that can be adapted depending on the presenting issues but the underlying tenets and principles are the same. Every filial therapy session has parent or primary care-giver present and parents are trained by the therapist how to facilitate child-led and child-centered sessions at home which are called “special play time.”  The therapist conducts parent meetings, sometimes reviewing videos of sessions to consider how the sessions are progressing. In filial therapy, the therapist serves in a role of parent-trainer.

For the past ten years Meredith has been focused on providing filial therapy with families. She has found filial to adapt beautifully to telehealth this year and she is going to be sharing in this one hour class how you can use filial therapy to benefit children by helping parents know how to use child-centered play time to enhance the parent-child bond through online sessions.

Meredith completed her MA at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology (2009), and has practiced in Washington, California, and Illinois over the past 11 years. Her clinical work has always focused on children and families, and she is currently part of a private practice in Peoria, Illinois where she specializes in filial therapy. She has partnered with OSF Children’s Hospital and Peoria Playhouse (a local children’s museum) to lead parent/child playgroups based on the filial model. She is passionate about filial therapy and she helps therapists feel more comfortable bringing filial therapy to the telehealth platform in order to meet the needs of children and families consistently when in person therapy sessions may not be possible.

You can learn more about Merediths’s work or contact her for consultation here. 

Why sign up for this class called Filial Therapy 101 & Telehealth Adaptations?

One of the most impactful ways we can help children is to help the relationship between the child and the parent. During this pandemic, we are finding that supporting parents has become a particularly important aspect of telehealth services. Meredith will be helping you adapt some basic yet effective ways to use filial therapy with your child and family clients.

You can sign up for this class and learn more about the entire 2020 Play Therapy Mini Master Class Series RIGHT HERE!