feeding your spiritFeeding your spirit is something you may not include on your daily to-do list. It may or may not be anything to do with religious practice. Maybe it is a matter of acknowledging that you are not merely a mind and a body. You also have  an essence, a soul, a spirit that animates your brain and body. Maybe you are overwhelmed by your personal and career-related problems and seem to have little or no time to look after your whole self that includes your spirit

Unfortunately, it can have long term consequences on your mental and physical health if you don’t develop ways for feeding your spirit. You will need to learn to recognize your own value and make sure that you don’t only do things for others, but also look after yourself. Below you will find a few tips to help you improve your life every day.

1. Rethink the drink.

It is important that you change your lifestyle to improve your mental health. Many Americans turn to alcohol not only for social events but for self medicating stress and anxiety. Alcohol consumed after a stressful day may provide temporary numbing relief but it dulls your ability to be attuned to the needs of your spirit. If you have adopted some unhealthy coping mechanisms, it might be time to break up with your bad habits. If you are struggling with heavy drinking, ask a professional to get help with getting your life back on track. 

2. Meditate.

My experience with 25+ years practicing and teaching meditation is that meditation can help you sleep better and improve the clarity of your thoughts. A regular practice of meditation can be transformational in that over time, with practice, it helps you tie into the spirit that you are. It helps you tune into the wisdom of your inner knowing. Meditation brings you into a state of receptivity rather than the daily mode of “doing.”  If you are at crossroads in life, you can make better decisions if you implement meditation in your daily routine. Try combining meditation with a gentle, slow yoga practice and you can get the physical and mental wellness benefits at the same time. 

3. Call a friend

If you feel down during the day, or at night sitting on your own, reaching out to a trusted friend. You might even surprise people you haven’t talked to for a long time. People need connection and in this day and age of social media we often mistake our digital connections for true connections. Hearing the voice of a good friend, having a laugh together, catching up on what’s going on in one another’s lives can be a way of feeding your spirit. Being of help to someone in need can give your spirit a boost as well as receiving the caring and interest of your friend. 

4. Engage in joyful fun.

It is important that you take time off your busy schedule to actively do things you really enjoy. Self care might involve taking a bath, listening to your favorite music, or going to the movies. You might also start a jigsaw or crossword puzzle. Spend time in Nature. Go for a bike ride. Try ball room dance lessons or bowling. Find what brings you joy and do that! Reward yourself from time to time with a break that will help you recharge your batteries and take a step back from your problems.  Play is for all ages and playful activities are certainly food for the spirit. 

5. Make some plans to stay on track.

One way of staying focused and balanced is making plans every day. In case you suffer from mood swings or depression, following a road map to survive the day help you to feel a sense of secure of structure. Develop long term plans, but make sure that you break down your goals and targets into manageable tasks, so that you don’t feel more overwhelmed than when you got started. Create things you know you can look forward to when the day feels extra stressful. Even a meal with your family or a hike in nature can be things you can look forward to in order to keep you on track. 

I firmly believe that success in life and work is measured by a true sense of fulfillment.  In order to truly have fulfillment, there must be an experience of holistic wellness which includes addressing the needs of the mind, the body AND the spirit.