Essential Skills for Successful Tele-Play Therapy

As part of the 2020 Play Therapy Mini Master Class Series Kathleen S. Tillman, PhD, RPT presented a one hour mini-master-class called Essential Skills for Tele-Play Therapy and now you can purchase the recording of this training! 

Dr. Tillman has been providing play therapy services via tele-health since 2013 and she is going to be sharing in this one hour class the specific skills you need to have in order to establish and maintain effective connection and therapeutic outcome with child clients. You can read more about Dr. Tillman’s professional expertise HERE. 

In this one hour of training you will learn practical, grounded, essential skills you need including 5 vital tips AND some terrific demonstrations and Q&A with Dr. Tillman’s vibrant and engaging presentation.

This training is for LEARNING ENRICHMENT and not for CEs.

Only $12

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