Dora Henderson’s playful books are well worth exploring. Dora is on a mission – and a playful one at that. The best way for children to learn, grow and heal is through playful and creative activities and that’s what these books are all about. Dora Henderson is a former preschool teacher and now she is a registered play therapist supervisor and the practice owner of A Safe Space Counseling, LLC outside of Orlando, Florida and she is the author of two educational children’s books helpful to child and family therapists, teachers and parents. Dora has a very special knack for taking complex concepts and translating them through playful and creative ways of understanding. She provides continuing education for child and family therapists and she touches the lives of so many children and adults every day in her work.

Dora Henderson is on a mission to help as many children as possible feel empowered and encouraged through the power of play.

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Dora Henderson has Two Books You’ll Want to Add to our Library

The Adventures of Sandi & Clammy by Dora Henderson

The Adventures of Sandi & Clammy  is a delightful story about healing, friendship, self esteem, self acceptance and recovery. There is a Spanish version too! Dora also created a coloring book and the book comes in Spanish as well.

Neuro & the Ception Force Friends:

A special team of receptor neurons that help your body & brain with regulation  

by Dora Henderson

Come along with Neuro & the Ception Force Friends on their adventure through Vagal Valley where they will teach about how the body and brain communicate to help people stay safe and regulated. Children can learn how to become their very own body detective! Neuro & the Ception Force Friends along with Polly Vagale will teach you different ways that our bodies gather information and respond to cues of safety and danger as well as many ways we can regulate and be more aware. This is one book in a a series by Dora Henderson that corresponds with a curriculum that is an innovative and playful way of introducing the Polyvagal Theory to help children learn how to increase mind-body awareness and reduce distress responses, increasing regulation and connection.

Dora Henderson’s passion for playful learning and healing drives all of the work she does in her local community as well as all the families and mental health professionals she is helping world-wide! I had the honor of hosting Dora as a guest instructor in the 2020 mini master class series for child and family therapists and then to have her participate in my 2022 Children’s Book Writing Circle. Dora wasted no time getting straight to work creating her second book and launching it out into the world.

Stay tuned for MORE books to come in the Neuro & the Ception Force Friends children’s book series!