Counseling for Children

Counseling services for children utilizes play therapy which enables and empowers children to express what is bothering them when they do not have the words or verbal ability to adequately express thoughts and feelings. Playful and purposeful counseling interventions help families connect in ways that promote growth and healing.

Through play, children are able to work through what is troubling them. We are able to help children learn healthier and more adaptive behaviors.



The relationship that develops between the child and  therapist during play therapy sessions provides reparative emotional experiences lending to healing and strengthening the child’s sense of self.

In support of a child’s growth and healing in play therapy, we work very closely with parents and often other family members in order to facilitate positive shifts in the parent–child relationships and the whole family dynamic.

Sometimes it is appropriate for us to use a very particular approach called child centered play therapy and sometimes children benefit from more directive play therapy methods. Every child needs and deserves to be seen and assessed as unique and therapeutic treatment plans are developed from a prescriptive play therapy model

What is Play Therapy?