Wonders Counseling provides support and services for people of all faiths and all walks of life. The holidays are a time when many of our clients and local community celebrate the tradition of Christmas. Whether faith-based or just holiday tradition, this time of year is a time of celebration, gathering and often gift-giving.
What if this year instead of focusing on giving and getting THINGS you were to create a new tradition that focuses on what you love about the people in your life?

Tonight I attended an event that introduced something called The Christmas Love Box.

Christine Martinello, started a tradition that has brought so much joy to her own family year after year, she decided to create a way to share this with other families.

The idea is that each family member writes a “love note” to every other family member. In the love note, each person expresses what they love and appreciate about the other. The notes are collected in the Christmas Love Box and on Christmas morning the box is passed around. Each family pulls a note out of the box and reads it aloud.  Hearing the note read aloud for all to hear expands the love expressed.

Christine and her husband have created a beautiful kit that includes a lovely keepsake box, a colorfully illustrated book about the tradition and 30 love notes to be filled out.

You can watch a video and read more about this unique family tradition a their website The Christmas Love Box.