children's books about big changes

When things happen in life like divorce, moving to a new house, changing schools, death of a loved one or times of emergency, having children’s books about big changes can come in handy for helping children not feel so alone. In this post, I am providing some of my picks (and, of course, I am including some of my very own children’s books about big changes!) for you to consider adding to your very own children’s book library.

In order to help fund my resource-curation projects for therapists, coaches and parents, I include some affiliate partner links below so when people choose to purchase a book from the link, their prices remains the same but Amazon pays me a small commission. 

12 Children’s Books About Big Changes

#1 Jule’s Move to a New House and a New School

I wrote this limerick rhyming story about a young girl named Jule who  moved with her father to a new house and a new school. She feels some really BIG emotions!! Her dad helps her along with a character named Jorey the Turtle from a book her dad reads with her to learn and practice some new tools for feeling and facing her fears and learning how to soothe herself. This book encourages children to grown confident in knowing they, too, can learn new coping skills and tools for self-regulation when life feels hard and overwhelming. You can buy it here for $12.99

#2 The New Baby

Little Critter has a new baby sister and learns to be a helper to his mom and dad. A classic book that introduces children to the idea of what it will be like when a new baby joins the family. You can buy it here for $3.99 paperback

#4 Paula Knows What to Do

In this beautiful hard-cover book, Paula’s mother is missing and she and her father are grieving. The story does not explain why Paula’s mother is gone but it tells a story of how Paula finds a way to cope empowering and encouraging other children who may have a parent who has left, died or gone missing. Order here for $18.95

#5 Miss Piper’s Playroom: Helping Lily With Her Loss

Lily is going through a big change. Her Papa has died. She is grieving the tremendous loss. Miss Piper is a children’s therapist and in her playroom she is able to help Lily cope with the grief and sadness of her loss. You can buy it here for $12.99.

#6 Why Do Families Change? 

Separation and divorce is a big change. Sometimes young children feel confused or blame themselves when parents get divorced. This book is a good one to begin a conversation with young children about separation and divorce to begin the process of helping them adjust to the big changes ahead. Buy it here for $12.95

#7 Miss Piper’s Playroom: Helping Danny With His Parents’ Divorce

Danny is going through the BIG change of his parents’ divorce and his parents are fighting and putting Danny in the middle. Miss Piper helps both Danny AND his parents with this difficult time of change so everyone can cope and face the feelings in a way that supports Danny. Purchase it here for $12.99

#8 Extreme Weather

Storms of all kinds can bring lots of change to the lives of children and families. This book from National Geographic for Kids teaches children all about all kinds of extreme weather events that often lead to crisis and disaster in communities. The more children know about how and why Mother Nature behaves as she does, the more empowered children feel. This book can help children to have knowledge and to help their families feel more prepared. Buy here for $12

#9 Nothing Stays the Same But That’s Okay

Change can be scary! Little changes or big changes alike! This is one of the children’s books about big changes that helps children to understand that change happens and there are things they can do to cope and manage emotions and stress that come along with change. Purchase for $12.99 here.

#10 Help Your Dragon Deal With Change

Of all the children’s books about big changes, this one helps children learn skills for adapting to the inevitable changes that happen in life instead of avoiding change. You can buy it here for $12.95

#11 Toby the Turtle: A Story About Change and Fear of the Unknown

Change can be scary! Little Toby is going through a BIG change in his life and he has to learn to face his fears and adapt to the big change that is happening. You can get it here for $12.95

#12 Keeping it Cool: Skills for Coping With Change

Supporting children in developing skills for recognizing and managing big emotions, this book helps children to face big changes with those skills. You can get your copy here for $11.99

Build you library with children’s books about big changes because big changes happen and it’s wise to have a variety of books to read proactively to assist children with all kinds of tools and skills for coping.