Want to create and self-publish a children’s book in 2023?

Just imagine….

YOUR name on the front of a colorful children’s book!

YOUR creation!

Your book out in the world being read by and to children everywhere!

Join the 2023 Children’s Book Writing Circle

It’s a CIRCLE of soon-to-be children’s book authors facilitated and led by

published author, trainer, child and family therapist,

AND creativity MUSE,

Lynn Louise Wonders

Starts Wednesday January 4

With 3 one-hour live group coaching sessions over Zoom every month January through December, 2023

An online circle of support open 24/7 through the end of 2023 in a private Facebook group!

The circle will provide 36 weeks  (3 one hour live group coaching sessions each month)

of LIVE nurturing, creative, coaching support with Lynn Louise Wonders

and a group of other soon-to-be children’s book authors!

The first, second and third Wednesdays each month 11:00 – 12:00 pm EASTERN TIME ZONE

AND multiple recorded training sessions in an online content hub


There are THREE stages to the overall process of getting a children’s book out into the world:

The Creative Process

The Technical Process

The Business and Marketing Process

The Children’s Book Writing Circle will support you

in moving through ALL THREE phases! 

Here are more details:

  • Recorded training sessions that walk you through everything you need to know step by step (Lynn even demonstrates the publication process in Amazon KDP with one of her own books)
  • Live group coaching support for 36 weeks throughout the year (3 per month) Sessions recorded and accessible if you can’t attend live!
  • Creative juices flowing in those live group coaching sessions!
  • A get-it-done scheduling tool
  • Loads of extra resources on every aspect of self-publishing a children’s book
  • Accountability partners
  • Online group peer support and discussion 24/7 including the 2022 alumni who choose to hang out and answer questions in the group
  • Sharing of resources with your fellow soon-to-be authors
  • Cheers from your peers and your creativity muse (that’s Lynn!) along the way
  • Get unstuck when you feel stuck by leaning into the group and getting resource and moral support
  • Learn skills for creating, developing and selling your children’s book

Over the course of the year, our weekly coaching sessions will cover the following topics with recorded training and live discussion and coaching.

  Brainstorming a Book

In the confidentiality of the Circle you will be guided through the creative process of developing your concept for your children’s book, your characters, the style and look of your book and how your book will serve children and their caring adults. (All Circle members will agree to a confidentiality agreement not to use or share other group members’ creative and intellectual ideas).

  Picture This

Circle members will receive instruction, coaching, musing and encouragement through the process of developing the illustrations for your book whether you are hiring an illustrator, partnering with someone who will be collaborating or creating the illustrations yourself. This process is a combination of creative and technical steps. The quality of your pictures in your children’s book is key to the life and appeal of your children’s book.

Finding the Words

As simple as children’s books may seem, it requires great skill to find just the right words for the pages of you children’s books in order to bring it to life in a way that resonates with the targeted age group of your audience. The process of finding the words for your story and arranging them in such a way the message of your book is conveyed successfully will be guided and supported by your Circle leader and your fellow Circle members.

Connecting and Correcting

After you have your illustrations and your words you have to bring them together. It’s an editorial process that includes elements of digital design, layout issues, proofing and correcting any errors. This is a technical process essential to the production of your book as you prepare to publish.

Priming the Pump

After your book is ready to publish it’s time to dip into marketing and PR strategies! You’ll learn the insider’s tips and tools for generating interest and buzz about your book BEFORE it’s published, gaining positive reviews and helping your book to be prepared for big sales so your book can get into the hands of as many children and their caring adults as possible!

Click PUBLISH and Celebrate!

During the year some will move through the process faster than others but regardless of YOUR pace, the Wednesday coaching sessions are a place to gain encouragement, support and sharing. When you launch your book into the world, the circle will celebrate you and your book! Lynn will help you promote your book far and wide and you can feel so proud of all your creative and dedicated work!

You’ll be in the Circle through the end of 2023! AND, as an alumni, you’ll be eligible to stay in the circle again in 2024 for a very affordable, reduced fee.

This is YOUR circle of co-authors, peers, colleagues, accountability partners and supporters.


Here’s what a few of the 2022 book circle participants have to say about their experience:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with this group and plan to continue into next year. Without the training, encouragement, and friendship of these group members, I know I would never have pursued my long time dream of writing and publishing children’s books. I now have the confidence to try another, then another, then another…. This has definitely been a learning process, and I feel that I have grown professionally and personally through it. Thank you Lynn, for providing this opportunity for me to bloom and grow. Thanks to all of our members who have been in the garden, as well.” – Cindy Hammonds, Author of Luci’s Yellow Butterfly 

“Are you looking for a spark of inspiration, a boost of encouragement, or just plain old accountability in writing your first children’s book?  Then I highly recommend you join the yearlong journey of Book Circle with Lynn Louise Wonders! Not only were we able to explore our creative side during group meetings and retreats, we learned the basic steps in self publishing in the field of children’s literature. I am forever grateful for wonderful experience Lynn and our fabulous group of authors provided in helping me bring my book baby into this world to share with others. ~ Joelle Harrison, LPCC, RPT-S, author of Simon Slows Down

:Lynn provides a comprehensive training program for aspiring writers, and it far exceeded all of the high hopes and expectations I had when I signed up.   Lynn is incredibly knowledgeable and shares her expertise in a way that is easy to understand and apply.  She is welcoming of people who are at all different stages in the writing process and provides excellent support from start to finish.  Her flexibility, guidance, and encouragement during my time as part of the Writer’s Circle has always been impactful, and I consider her a wonderful mentor and resource. I greatly appreciate having her in my corner as I work toward making this longtime dream of mine come true.  I enthusiastically recommend Lynn’s Writing Circle to all aspiring therapist-authors!” – Kelly Bartle-Bush, LCSW-R, RPT, author in the making

“I participated in Lynn Louise Wonder’s class on how to write a children’s book. It was a super helpful class.  Not only did I learn the ins and outs of writing a children’s book, but she supported the whole book writing process. She was with us from conception all the way through marketing the book to others.   She had intuitive ideas as did the participants along the way.  It really does take a village to write a quality children’s book.  This class was the perfect village for me.  I highly recommend it. ” – Stacey B. Shapiro, LCSW, author of Jay’s Horrible Day: A Story About Racism and Discrimination

“Joining Lynn’s Circle Book Club was an amazing experience. Taking time to join her group weekly became a commitment I am so glad I made for myself. Sometimes we need motivation and encouragement from others. This group will be an amazing experience for you. Having Lynn’s expertise, guidance and support, on top of the support of a group is priceless! I highly promote joining Lynn’s book club as you will be in a group that will build you up every step of the way!!! I loved working with Lynn and the ladies who were in my group. So fun to cheer each other along every step of the way! If you have a dream but you feel stuck? Lynn’s next Circle Book Club will help you!! I loved my experience and I know you will too! Dora Henderson, LMHC, RPTS, CST, Certified Trauma Play Supervisor, CIT-EMDRIA Consultant in Training, author of Neuro & the Ception Force Friends and The Adventures of Sandy and Clammy

Want to make it happen?

Want all the training and support you need to get YOUR children’s book published in 2023?

Join the Children’s Book Writing Workshop Circle!

The EARLY BIRD (until November 30) one time yearly membership fee is 


When you register you will be asked to agree to making a commitment to yourself, your desire to publish a book in 2023 and your commitment to this training and support circle.

**There will be no refunds once your payment has been made, so, be sure you are committed and ready to go in January!**

Please send any questions about the program to lynn@wonderscounseling.com prior to signing up!



Children's Book Writing Circle 2023

A circle of soon-to-be children's book authors receiving creative musing, connections, coaching and training on the process of self-publishing a children's book on Amazon KDP.

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