Career Navigation Program for Therapists

You chose to become a therapist because you wanted to help people. Combining that drive with a desire to have a successful career as a therapist can be tricky for many.

You are the pilot of your career.

If you don’t have proper navigation skills, tools and support you may find your career in a nose dive or in danger of a crash landing.

Or maybe you just feel lost and unsure about what to do and where to go next with your career as a therapist.

Effective career coaching for therapists can help you navigate your journey.

My husband is a retired Navy pilot and he has taught me a lot about the process of flight navigation.

In my own career as a therapist I have discovered proper navigation has been the key to a successful take off, journey and landing.

Before we had GPS in our cars and on our phones, we relied on a compass in order to figure out where we were and which direction we were headed. We used maps (remember the kind that once you unfolded, you could never fold back the way they were originally?) to determine where we wanted to go and how to get there.

When it comes to your career as a therapist, there is no electronic GPS.

You must develop your own compass internally and externally to be oriented.

Then, you must have a map that shows you not only the 2-dimensional roadways but also the topography and pitfalls along the way.

This is where it is supremely helpful to have a professional navigator by your side.

And that’s where I come in.

I am your professional career navigator.

I know the ropes. I’ve been down these roads successfully for many years. I know where the pitfalls are and I know how to help you avoid the pot-holes along the way. I know the short-cuts and I  have a collection of tools to help you create the career you long for as a therapist.

Based on my own experiences and the experiences of the hundreds of therapists I have mentored, supervised and coached over the  years I have created this value-packed, affordable program to help you navigate your career so that feel fulfilled financially and emotionally knowing you are serving others in need while also achieving true success.

This program is 1:1 career coaching for therapists. You and me. You are the pilot. I’m your instructor, coach and co-pilot here to help you develop the navigation skills requires to fly solo and successfully.

No matter where you are in your career whether right out of graduate school or facing a shift and change in career direction, I can help you by digging into where you’ve been, where you are now and where you want to go.

Answers to your Questions and Payment Options

Q. How does the Career Navigation Program for Therapists work?


The Structure of the Program:

  • 6 Weekly 60 Minute Sessions Via Phone or Video-conference
  • Weekly Training and Practical Application of Tools – a well organized series of weekly assignments from which you will see results right away
  • 3  Email Exchanges every week (18 email exchanges over 3 days each week) – this is how we stay in touch between our sessions together to keep you feeling supported and on track. Here you can ask me anything and get my ideas, reflections and encouragement along the way.

The Substance of the Program:

Quick Assessment and Orientation Check – This is where I take a close look at where you have been, what you’ve done so far in your career and what your currently are in need of.

Mapping Your Journey Forward –  Here we take a look at the potential destination options for your career journey and once we determine where you want to go we look at the lay of the land along the way. I help you identify the pit-falls so you don’t get off course, become lost or fall along the way.

Equipment & Systems Check – In this part of our work together I help you develop or fine-tune your time management system, your planning mechanisms, the nuts and bolts of your business and ensure all systems are well tuned and humming.

Launching & Landing –  This is where we work on the starts and stops of your journey recognizing there are times you need to be in full throttle mode and times when you need to land, rest and reflect before taking off again. Having a self care plan is essential to a do-able, sustainable business plan and we will assess your energy levels and patterns through a specific tool I use and teach. We will also look at practical ways to make the most of your launch time to gain momentum in your career so you can enjoy the times you can coast on that momentum.

Q. How much does this program cost?


I believe in keeping my career coaching for therapists affordable and transparent.

In my time of working with various career coaches as a client myself I’ve seen how so many out there are over-priced and under-delivering on the value of their services.

I am always committed to not only offering myself services at a reasonable rate but I promise to go above and beyond for you in our work together.

You can pay in full $950 or if you need to make payments you can pay 3 monthly payments of $330.

Want to get started?