building business in play therapy

If you want to learn the keys to building a business in play therapy, you might want to learn from people who have had success in doing that very thing.

I believe in creating multiple streams of revenue.One of my streams of revenue is partnering with other businesses as an affiliate partner, I often include affiliate links in many of my articles, including this one!

A lot of mental health professionals who provide play therapy reach out to me wanting help with starting a private practice or expanding their existing business so I’m bringing a variety of resources from just some of my many colleagues who are  passionate about play therapy, authentically interested in connecting with people AND are business savvy!

If you love play therapy and you’re thinking of starting a private practice OR you have a private practice but you want to really build an expanded business beyond seeing clients 1:1 this article is for you.

I started leading MasterMind Practice Building groups in 2016 when I saw a need in the field of child and family therapists wanting to grow thriving practices. Growing Your Child & Family Counseling Practice is a special Facebook community where I provide resources and there are robust conversations and resource sharing.

Over the past 6 years I’ve met some fabulous people I’m proud to call colleagues who also have a passion for getting creative and claiming the business building side of play therapy services and here I’d like to introduce you to just a few of those people. ALSO, at the bottom of this article I will share other resources to help YOU build YOUR play therapy related business.

Meet Jackie Flynn, EdS, LMHC-S, RPT

She is the founder of Play Therapy Community group on Facebook and Podcast and she has a 15 lesson course on setting up a play therapy private practice that is perfect for the therapist needing all those nuts and bolts, inspiration and guidance on a super budget friendly tuition fee!  Jackie is  known for her use of EMDR and play therapy as well as her annual Child Therapy Symposium (sign up for FREE access for the 2021 Child Therapy Symposium RIGHT HERE I’m an affiliate partner!) Jackie brings all the creativity that she uses with her clients into her expanded business. She not only works with clients providing EMDR and play therapy, but she also creates all kinds of training opportunities for child therapists. She inspires thousands of therapists and promotes community and connection. This combination of creativity + passion + knowledge + community lends to a very successful business model.


May I introduce you to Carmen Jiminez Pride, LCSW, RPT-S?

I’ll always remember when I first met Carmen and thinking to myself, “This woman is GOING PLACES!” Carmen is one of the most creative people I’ve met and she knows how to create a thriving business in the field of play therapy. Carmen is author of children’s books and creator of an entire line of social-emotional-learning products called Focus on Feelings. She founded the Diversity in Play Therapy training event that sold out in 2020 and she provides consultation and supervision services. Just have a look at her fantastic website. This is someone you want to learn from. If you want to learn how to be successful in building a business in the play therapy field, I highly recommend you get in touch with Carmen for consultation and training.


Please meet Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S. . .

Coming up very soon, the very well known, international trainer Lisa Dion is leading her first LIVE Business of Play Therapy training that you will want to be a part of! Lisa is well known for her ability to combine her own innovative approach to play therapy called Synergetic Play Therapy with her authenticity as a human being in relationship with others AND her entrepreneurial savvy. Lisa knows how to dream a dream right into reality and one of her dreams has been to teach other child therapists how to do the same, how to create a dream career in the field of play therapy. Lisa knows how to help you take your passion and weave it into an action plan that will be a success. She’s available for business coaching too!


Here is Jen Taylor, LCSW, RPT-S. . .

Jen is the founder and director of Jen Taylor Play Therapy Services,  and is passionate about helping the children and families she serves as a clinician. She’s also authentically committed to connecting child therapists to high quality learning and training opportunities with a number of engaging trainers. Jen created one of the very first online learning platforms in the field of play therapy and her Play Therapy Summit in 2016 was a HUGE hit. I think of Jen as one of the very first pioneers of online learning in play therapy. If anyone knows how to build a successful private practice it’s Jen. She’s proven it, having moved multiple times with her husband’s Navy career and having started up from scratch several thriving private practices. In 2018, after I’d been leading my own play therapy practice building masterminds, Jen and  I decided to partner in creating The Play Therapy Practice Building Academy.It’s a self paced business course, all pre-recorded with multiple guest instructors and it comes with an online community for support. You can become an academy student here. Contact Jen for professional consultation HERE!


diversityIntroducing Kadesha Adelakun, LCSW, RPT-S. . .

I’ve known Kadesha, founder of Journey Counseling Services, since 2009 when she was just starting her private practice. I’ve had the honor of watching her now thriving career blossom over the years and she is someone you can learn from. Kadesha has always had vision and drive that have kept her going and growing no matter the challenges and obstacles along the way. Her commitment to bringing more cultural and racial diversity to the field of play therapy has been legendary, quite honestly. She went from having a small, part time private practice to now owning an ever-expanding business which includes international training events and consultation services for therapists all over the world. She is the founder of The Ebony Journey and the Journey of Cultural & Racial Diversity in Play Therapy on Facebook. If you want to learn about building a business in play therapy, you can learn from Kadesha’s example and through consultation. 


Meet Ragan Snyder-Smith, LSCSW, RPT-S!

I will never forget the moment Ragan approached me at a training retreat I was leading and told me she wanted to expand her play therapy business to create a training branch. She had a sparkle in her eye as she talked about it. We had a couple of conversations and now she’s off to the races with her partner Bea Burchill, LMSW and their business called Ad Astra Play Therapy. Ragan has that same combination of passion + authenticity + creativity that has driven her to success in building a business in play therapy beyond play therapy services for clients. Ragan is a shining example of what it takes to make a dream come true and she’s still building! She’s an inspiration!

Additional resources for building a business in play therapy!

Building Your Private Practice – the quintessential original resource book by Lynn Grodsky (affiliate link there!)

The Play Therapy Practice Building Academy – soup to nuts training on all you need to know co-hosted by Jen Taylor and Lynn Louise Wonders with 5 other fantastic experts on various aspects of the business of private practice for children and families.

Marketing Your Play Therapy Practice – a 1 hour mini class packed with practical info

Authentic & Effective Marketing in Mental Health – 1 1 hour mini class with some keys to success I’ve discovered

Money Matters: A Workshop for Helping Profesionals – 2 hour recorded training that will help you with your financial literacy and your mindset and relationship with money.

10 Ways To Earn Income in Play Therapy – an article I wrote to inspire child therapists to create additional income streams

The Business of Play Therapy – a 2 hour recorded mini workshop I created in 2017

8 Time Management Tips for Therapists – an article that will be well worth reading for efficiency sake in your business

Successful Private Practice: 5 Essentials – an article to give you a sneak peek at some top tips

Private Consultation with ME! I provide 15, 30 and 60 minute consultation and will be happy to help you with building a business in play therapy. Let’s connect!

Happy business building!